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Turn right, please pay attention! It's the blind spot again

2021-08-25 02:20:23 Oriental Information automobile

2021 year 06 month 24 Japan , Sun Moumou drove a heavy-duty non cargo special operation vehicle along Ningyuan street, Hongshan District, Chifeng City from east to west to steel city A When turning north and right at the intersection in front of the South Gate of the district , And the two wheeled moped driven by Zhang from east to west , After Zhang fell to the ground, he was rolled by a heavy non cargo professional vehicle , Causing Zhang's death , The two wheeled moped was damaged , A major traffic accident .

In the traffic accident , Because sun Moumou didn't pay attention to the observation when driving a heavy vehicle to turn right , Which led to the traffic accident .

There are many blind spots for large trucks , There are blind spots in the positions close to the truck body .

There is a blind spot in the field of vision of large trucks , There are two main reasons : The first is because the body is huge , Second, because big trucks are different from cars , The front and rear wheels are not on the same track . This is also a key factor in the blind area of visual field , It can even be said to be the most important factor . So when driving normally , Be sure to stay away from big trucks . Be sure not to follow or run in parallel with large trucks for a long time , Also avoid driving between two big cars for a long time .

Today, let's take a look at the blind spots of large trucks :

After reading this picture , I believe many little friends who didn't know before were particularly surprised , It turns out that the blind area of large trucks is so big ! You can see from the picture :ABC The area belongs to semi blind area ,D、E The area belongs to the whole blind area .

Someone in the red area , Big trucks can't be seen at all , So , When people are driving on the road , Obey the traffic rules while , Try to keep a distance from the big truck , In order to avoid danger due to the blind area of the truck .

The blind spot in front of the truck (3 The area within meters is a blind area )

The area around the front of large trucks is dangerous , Almost all belong to the semi blind area . When passing in front of the big truck , Try to keep not less than 2.5 Meter distance , Make sure you are in the driver's safe view .

The blind area on the right side of the truck (1.5 rice —2 The area within meters is a blind area )

Driving a car next to a truck , Truck drivers can't completely find the existence of private cars from the rearview mirror , If the truck is merging right or turning right at this time, it is very dangerous , Very prone to collision . Everyone must keep a distance to ensure safety .

Left blind area of truck ( Keep a safe distance 3 Distance over meters )

The left blind area is smaller than the right blind area . Because the cab is on the left , The truck driver can see the road on the left through the window , So it's generally safer . But if there are small vehicles 、 When a non motor vehicle or pedestrian appears at the left rear wheel , What you can see through the rearview mirror is very limited , In this case, it is more dangerous .

Rear blind area on both sides

This blind spot is not just for big cars , There are also... Around the car ! When you happen to appear at the right rear, you will disappear in the sight of the driver in front of you , I suggest you pass by Overtake quickly at this place so that the driver in front can see you .

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■ Don't give way at the intersection The two cars collided and had an accident !

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▎ Material source : Traffic control brigade of Hongshan District Public Security Branch of Chifeng City

▎ through News member : Yang Lei Li Xinze

▎ Send email :[email protected]

▎ Material arrangement : Liu Jiatong

▎ To examine nucleus : Zhang Swiss

source : Inner Mongolia traffic police

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