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Imported "tiger"? Subaru Aohu real car, 2.5L + 4WD, isn't it more fragrant than CRV

2021-08-25 02:23:27 Oriental Information automobile

Subaru Tiger , It's an imported SUV automobile ,2.5L Direct injection engine + The configuration of active torque distributed all-time four-wheel drive gives it “ The tiger went down the mountain ” The momentum of . Xiaobian just wants to say one word , handsome !

First, let's look at the appearance , The hexagonal air intake grille is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom , Blackened mesh and double silver chrome trim , Increased momentum . The bilateral headlamp groups are of irregular design , The light strip inside is sharp . Three section lower surround and silver bumper , Very delicate , The round fog lamp is exquisite and lovely .

There are many color chrome trim strips on the side of the car body , Like silver window lines , For example, the through chrome trim of the side skirt , And silver painted door handles , Very delicate and beautiful . Whirlwind shaped double five spoke wheel hub , Full of power .

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