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watch out! If you don't pay attention to it, there may be a fatal risk!

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Driving on the road

I'm most afraid of that kind of unexpected driver

A sudden change of direction 、 Pull over suddenly

The rear driver just wants to say

“ What did I do wrong ……”


The car can't talk

But the driver can express through the lights

Your driving intention


Change lanes without turning on lights ,

This seemingly insignificant detail ,

But it's always about our lives !


Many drivers don't develop ,

The habit of turning on the turn signal when changing lanes ,

Even think it's a novice's driving sign .


Oneself is old hand 了 ,

You can walk freely in traffic ,

No need to turn on the turn signal ,

actually , Such an idea is a big mistake !


As long as the trajectory of the vehicle changes , Turn on the turn signal , This is the basic driving specification .


The first action before changing lanes is to turn on the turn signal . In traffic accidents caused by lane change , Changing lanes is one of the main reasons why vehicles suddenly change lanes without turning on the turn signal .


Excuse me, when you are driving on the road

The front car didn't turn on the lights in advance , What should I do if I suddenly change lanes ?


If the car in front suddenly changes lanes without turning on the lights
You should control your driving speed at the first time
  Take the way of deceleration to avoid collision  
  Be sure to hold the steering wheel tightly to control the forward direction of the vehicle  
Don't run around !
This is the greatest protection for your own safety
Otherwise, the following situation is likely to occur


To avoid such collisions

The most important thing is

Every driver should do

Turn on the lights in advance when changing lanes , Keep the distance behind you



  Change lanes 、 Turn a corner 、 Stop by the side of the road  

Turn signal lamps must be used as specified


Last , I want to remind you :

It's better to... In advance 200 Meter lane change .

Why advance 200 How about rice? ?

There are two reasons :

First of all : Vehicles in the blind area , You will find your driving intention , They have enough room to overtake or accelerate .

second : Leave enough space for the front and rear vehicles , Prepare them to overtake .


For everyone's safety ,

Turn on the turn signal before changing lanes !

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