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Embedded news early bus - issue 19

2021-08-25 02:32:25 Anfulai Electronics

【3-5 Minutes reading 】

【2021 Intel Architecture Day 】

On this year's Architecture Day , Intel announces major technical architecture changes and innovations , oriented CPU、GPU and IPU.

Launch two major x86 CPU kernel 、 Two big data centers SoC、 Two independent GPU, And the revolutionary client multi-core performance hybrid architecture .

【Window11 ISO The official version of Microsoft was officially launched 】

Window11 It has been released for two months , Microsoft official ISO The image is officially launched .

【 Baidu's second-generation Kunlun chip was officially mass produced 】

Baidu World Conference 2021 The official mass production of the second generation Kunlun chip was announced on the . The performance of Kunlun II 、 generality 、 Easy to use 1 Generation products have been significantly enhanced . The chip uses 7nm Process , Equipped with self-developed second generation XPU framework , Improved performance compared to the next generation 2-3 times .

Baidu World Conference 2021

【 Released by Qualcomm 5G UAV reference design 】

The platform passes through 5G and Wi-Fi 6 Connect , Enhanced key flight capabilities beyond vision , To support safer 、 More reliable flight .

【IC Insights Release 2021 The global 10 Large semiconductor 】

Samsung relies on 19% The growth of , Back to the top of the list again :

【 Hetai launched BH45B1525 Enhanced 24-Bit A/D IC】

Holtek New enhanced 24-bit A/D IC BH45B1525, Suitable for all kinds of high-precision measurement applications , For example, weight measurement 、 Pressure measurement 、 Temperature measurement, etc .

BH45B1525 Integrated low noise programmable gain amplifier (PGA), High precision 24-bit A/D And SINC4 Filter circuit . The output data rate range supports 10Hz~1280Hz Can choose , Effective digits (ENOB) Up to 22.8 bit. With high precision 、 High resistance RF Interference and high anti jitter .

specifications :

block diagram :

【ARM Technical documentation : Distributed loading of common gameplay topics 】

Very good , Strongly recommend :

【 emWin6.20 Simulator release 】

Highlights increase GIF File to bitmap emf Video format ,VNC Remote access began to support multi-user access , And support Web see .

Update record :

Now? emWin Video support AVI Format , Support your own emf Format , among emf Picture decoding support jpg And bitmap .

emWin V6.20 Of VNC More powerful , Support multi-user access , Support at the same time Web Browser access :

【 AppWizard To upgrade to V1.24】

Added a batch based on AppWizard Design cases , Control all add custom drawing interfaces .

Update record :

A new batch of cases , All based on AppWizard establish :




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