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Joint venture vehicle enterprise technology competition: which is the best 1.5T engine?

2021-08-25 02:34:19 Auto review AC

In today's Chinese auto market , It's hard to see a large displacement self-priming engine , This is because with the increasingly stringent emission regulations , Small displacement turbocharged engine has become the best choice for major car enterprises , Among them, joint venture brands of small displacement turbocharged engines have begun to replace the previous self-priming engines , In this issue, let's take stock of the joint venture brands 1.5T The engine .

Beijing hyundai

Beijing Modern 1.5T The biggest highlight of turbocharged engine is that the new generation of powertrain can maximize combustion efficiency , And equipped with the world's first CVVD technology , Bring a new dynamic experience , It can achieve maximum 125kW The power output of , Maximum torque 253N·m, The comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 5.3L.

Changan Ford

Changan Ford carried a... On fox EcoBoost180 The engine , Its peak torque is 243N·m, Maximum exportable 174Ps Surging power of ,0-60km/h Acceleration only 4.5 second . Besides , This engine adopts Ford's original three cylinder engine shutdown Technology , Break through the traditional concept , The cylinder shutdown is also realized on the three cylinder engine . When the engine is under small load , The special switchable roller rocker arm is controlled by the oil pressure control valve to completely close the inlet and exhaust valves of a cylinder , Keep only two cylinders working , So as to achieve the perfect balance between fuel consumption and performance .

Link car

Jointly developed by Lingke and Volvo Drive-E series 1.5T A three cylinder turbocharged engine , In terms of data , Maximum horsepower 180Ps, Maximum torque 265N·m. The engine with such excellent performance is mounted in Lingke 02、 Led the g 03 There is definitely something on this model “ app ” General performance .

What other joint venture brands do you know 1.5T Turbocharged engine ? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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