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Car market sales fell in July! Why do these three cars compete with each other?

2021-08-25 02:34:26 Auto review AC

According to the latest retail statistics released by the passenger Federation recently ,7 The sales volume of narrow sense passenger vehicle market in China reached 150 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 6.2%. among , Car sales 72.1 Thousands of cars , fell 6.6%;MPV sales 8.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 8.8%;SUV sales 69.2 Thousands of cars , fell 5.5%. From the car announced by the Federation 、SUV and MPV From the sales list , Car sales of many models are falling , Of course, some models rely on the advantages of their own products , Ushered in a surge in sales . Next , Let's see 7 Who is the most popular month ?

GAC Toyota Camry

7 In sales :20479 car

Year-on-year growth :22%

In the domestic automobile market ,B The class car segment has been showing “ Take turns ” The situation of , Since this year, 6 In the beginning , Camry became B Pin crown of level car , and 7 In June, Camry still maintained rapid growth , With monthly sales 20479 car 、 Year-on-year growth 22% Excellent results , Become 7 The only car in the top 10 of the monthly car list B Levels of car .

Camry currently on sale uses TNGA framework , Compared with the previous model , There are great changes in appearance and interior . aesthetic , fashion 、 motion . interiors ,10.1 Inch suspended multimedia display , While enhancing the sense of Technology , The driver can get the vehicle condition information without looking down , Higher driving safety . It is also equipped with on-board wechat function 、 Gould map / Tencent map real-time intelligent road condition display 、OTA Online upgrade service and other functions .

On the safety side , Equipped with the latest generation TSS Intelligent safety system , Contains PCS Pre crash safety system 、DRCC Dynamic radar cruise control system 、LTA Lane tracking AIDS and AHB Automatically adjust the high beam system , Realize quasi L2 Class a autopilot , Provide a safer and more comfortable driving experience .

motivation , Three types of engines are available , Namely 2.0L、2.5L as well as 2.5L hybrid . among 2.0L Maximum engine power 131kW, collocation CVT Stepless gearbox ;2.5L Maximum engine power 154kW, collocation 8 Self - contained gearbox , The comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 6L;2.5L Maximum engine power of hybrid vehicle 131kW, collocation E-CVT Stepless gearbox , The comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 4.1L, And the entry price of hybrid models is only 21.98 Ten thousand yuan , Make it easier for consumers to realize their hybrid dream .

SAIC GM BEKE ankoway

7 In sales :11903 car

Year-on-year growth :54.8%

Oncoway is 7 Monthly sales reached 11903 car , An increase of 54.8%, No. 10 , It's domestic SUV The only American car in the top ten in sales . Nowadays, the development of American models in the market is really very depressed , But as an American brand , Buick has captured the hearts of many consumers through price reduction in the market . At present, there are 4 The model is on sale ,1.5T Power three , Both are two-wheel drive versions ;2.0T Power one , For the 4WD version , Price range: 18.99-23.99 Ten thousand yuan , The terminal can enjoy up to 5 About ten thousand in cash , It has high cost performance .

As the main force of Buick SUV models , The appearance of ankovi has no particularly exaggerated lines and decorations , I prefer a calm feeling . Space performance is also good at the same level , Its length, width and height are respectively 4694/1839/1686 mm, Wheelbase reached 2750mm, Excellent wheelbase can provide good rear space performance .

interiors ,8 The inch central control screen is not outstanding , But it's equipped with a reversing image 、 Mobile Internet system 、 Bluetooth phone 、 Navigation system 、 Voice control system and other functions , It also makes up for some shortcomings . configuration , Yes ABS Antilock 、 Braking force distribution 、 Brake assist 、 Traction control 、 Body stability control 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Slow down the steep slopes 、 Keyless start 、 Active noise reduction 、 Independent air conditioning outlet 、 District air conditioning 、 Cruise, etc .

motivation , Yes 1.5T and 2.0T Engine options . among ,1.5T Maximum engine power 169Ps, Maximum torque 250N·m, The match is 7 Block dry double clutch ;2.0T Maximum engine power 260Ps, Maximum torque 400N·m, The match is 9 Self - contained gearbox , With timely 4WD system blessing . The lowest comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km is 6.6L, For a medium SUV It's relatively fuel-efficient .

Gac and kei M8

7 In sales :6258 car

Year-on-year growth :75.3%

The kei M8 stay 7 Monthly sales reached 6258 car , An increase of 75.3%, Rank third . Although the sales volume is only 6000 Level of multiple vehicles , But in the long run, it is not impossible to sell more than ten thousand a month . As a medium and large-sized automobile under GAC motor MPV, The kei M8 All aspects of performance were quite good , Not only the appearance breaks through the tradition MPV The bloated look , Become more fashionable , And its length, width and height are 5089/1884/1822 mm, The wheelbase has also reached 3000mm.

From the perspective of the space most valued by consumers , Thanks to super 5 Meters long and 3 Meter wheelbase , It brings the widest and highest body and driving space in the same class . The second row seats are equipped with foot pedals and aviation sleep headrests , It also supports 6 Electric adjustment 、 Intelligent heating 、 ventilation 、 Massage and other functions . Not only the second row of independent seats are comfortable to ride , The third row seats are also spacious and comfortable , Storage compartment 、 The small storage space such as cup holder is also enough for the personnel in the car .

The configuration is also generous enough , There is engine start and stop 、 Segmented power sunroof 、 Double side electric door 、 Electric rear compartment 、 Keyless start / Get into 、 Leather steering wheel 、 Back row tray table 、 Independent air conditioning in the back row 、 In vehicle PM2.5 Filter unit 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、360° Panoramic image configuration , It can be said that everything is available .

motivation , carrying 2.0T The engine , The most powerful 185kW, Maximum torque 390N•m, The match is Aisin 8AT transmission , The fuel consumption is as low as 8.3L, Truly achieve the perfect integration of high efficiency and low energy consumption .

Car uncle summary

The above three are 7 Month car 、SUV and MPV The top ten models in their sales list . Although the overall market fell year-on-year 6.2%, However, the sales of these three models have achieved double-digit positive growth , Enough to illustrate their classics and excellence .

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