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Korean family car dispute: Kia K3 vs. Hyundai Yuedong

2021-08-25 02:34:31 Auto review AC

Every year, hundreds of new and modified models will be launched in the domestic automobile market , But for more consumers , Or those models that have been tested by the market and have stable quality are more reassuring . Today, we have selected two Korean family cars with very good reputation and cost performance , Friends are also very familiar with these two models , They are Kia K3 And modern music .

2021 Kia K3 Complete product update in the near future , The new car has a total of 5 Product configuration , Price range: 10.98~13.18 Ten thousand yuan .2020 This modern Yuedong is listed in 2020 In the second half of , All the new cars are 4 Product configuration , The price range is 8.49~11.59 Ten thousand yuan . We chose the guide price as 11.48 Ten thousand yuan 2021 Kia K3 The fashion version and selling price are 11.59 Ten thousand yuan 2020 Compare the modern Yuedong Yuexin version , The price difference between the two models is only 0.11 Ten thousand yuan , Now let's have a detailed understanding of the product power performance of the two vehicles .

Appearance comparison

k3 The overall appearance design of is very different from the overseas models , In order to be more in line with Chinese Aesthetics , The new car reduces certain sports elements , And more chrome plated decorations are added to the body , A good balance between luxury and sports . Tiger roaring forward air grille is not absent from this model , Straight waterfall chrome grille with exaggerated tusk design in the bottom area , It shows the fierce temperament of the car . Besides , All the new models are equipped with a full range of... As standard LED headlight , The visual effect after lighting is regular .

Yuedong well continues the high appearance characteristics of Korean models , And some Chinese elements are integrated , For example, the chrome plated decoration of the front of the car is very similar to yuruyi . The front face of the new car is still equipped with a large hexagonal middle net , It is also connected with the fog lamp areas on both sides through chrome plated trim panels , The overall shape is exaggerated, but it reveals a trace of loveliness . Besides , The new car is also equipped with irregular headlights , The high and low beam lamps with halogen light source are rare in the models at this price , Fortunately, as a high configuration version, Yuexin version provides a lens .

2021 Kia K3 The specific length, width and height of are 4660×1780×1450 mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm, It has a clear lead in key body length and wheelbase level , In particular, the body length is directly ahead of modern Yuedong 150mm. The side design of the new car's body is not as fierce as the front face , It's a standard family car contour , Many chrome plated materials are used at the window frame of this model , It aims to improve the texture of the whole vehicle .

2020 The length, width and height of the modern Yue are 4610×1765×1470 mm, The wheelbase is 2650mm, Figure data is not dominant in the same level . The roof curve of the new car is passing C The back of the column slides rapidly , With the design of long front suspension and short rear tail , Make the side shape of the car look flexible and compact .

K3 The most striking design of the tail is the through tail lamp , Unfortunately, the middle part is just decoration , When lit, it's easy to reveal , But fortunately, the layout inside the lamp group is more personalized , The trend of the corner lamp band is a little similar to the mathematical symbol .

By contrast , The tail design of modern Yuedong is slightly simple , In particular, there are a lot of white space in the middle of the tail lamp group , And there is no corresponding trim strip , Make the whole rear compartment lid look very thin .

Interior comparison

K3 The interior design and layout are very conventional , The car is wrapped with a large number of soft materials above the center console , And at the air conditioning outlet , The steering wheel , The door handles are equipped with bright color decorative strips for decoration , It also enhances the texture of the car . besides , This model is equipped with black piano paint baking panel decoration in the air conditioning area , The upper row is touch buttons , Below is the physical key , The overall texture is good, suitable for blind operation when driving .

The interior design of modern Yuedong is different from other family models , This model is wrapped with a large number of hard plastic materials , To a great extent, it lowers the grade of the whole vehicle , This is also a common problem of many joint venture models , Fortunately, there is no need to worry about the workmanship of the new car , Joints at all parts , The handle of the knobs and buttons meets the standard of the joint venture model . Besides , The centre console of this model is only equipped with 8 Inch display screen , In terms of functions, it has Bluetooth car phone , Common functions such as mobile phone interconnection mapping .

2021 Kia K3 The fashionable interior seats are wrapped in imitation leather fabric , Low level of function matching , The seat only supports manual adjustment . The interior filler of the front seat in the new car is soft , The wings on both sides of the backrest and cushion are prominent , And the backrest can give passengers enough body support , The ride comfort and support are very good .

2020 This modern Yuedong Yuexin car seat is also wrapped with imitation leather fabric , But in terms of function, compared with Kia K3 The fashionable version has four-way adjustment of lumbar support of the driver's seat , Electric adjustment of driver's seat, etc . The seat filler of the new car is soft , There is a certain sense of immersion when riding , Comfortable performance .

K3 The rear row of the is more spacious , Among them, there is no problem for adults to take the rear middle seat of the new car , The floor height is normal , It's just that the cushion length is average , Not suitable for a long ride .

The rear space of the modern Yuedong is a little cramped , It belongs to the Yuexin version with high configuration, and the rear row is matched with the air outlet of the air conditioner , And have exclusive rear center headrest , It is more kind than some competitive models without corresponding functions in the whole series .

Power comparison

2021 Kia K3 The power of the fashionable version is equipped with 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Its maximum output power is 115 horsepower , Peak torque is 143.9 Cattle meters . Transmission system , Matching this is the simulation 8 speed CVT Stepless gearbox .

2020 The power of this modern Yuedong Yuexin version is equipped with 1.6L Naturally aspirated engine , Its maximum output power is 123 horsepower , The peak torque is 150.7 Cattle meters . Transmission system , What matches the engine is 6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

Car uncle summary

As the representative of Korean classic family car , kia K3 And modern Yuedong have a lot of market sales and good reputation , The two models have the usual exquisite design of Korean cars , However, in terms of specific performance, they have different emphases , Including Kia K3 Have more handsome interior and exterior design , Superior exterior dimensions and interior space , Modern Yuedong has more comprehensive functional configuration and power system with better performance . Analyze from sales data , stay 2021 In the first half of the year, the cumulative sales of these two models were 9706 Taiwan and 18,347 platform , Among them, the sales data of Hyundai Yuedong is almost Kia K3 Twice as many , It seems that when there is little difference in product power , Consumers still prefer the exquisite and lovely modern Yuedong .

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