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Personalized domestic family car PK: BYD Qin Pro vs. xinbaojun RC-5

2021-08-25 02:34:53 Auto review AC

Now there are more and more new products in the domestic automobile market , Hatchback cars of all sizes , Hatchback ,SUV and MPV The models are dazzling , Automobile manufacturers are also trying their best to meet the needs of consumers . In a wide variety of cars , The hatchback car has always been of great concern , So today we will select two very personalized family cars from the compact car market for comparison , They are BYD Qin Pro And xinbaojun RC-5.

2020 BYD Qin Pro There are three configurations in the whole super version , Price range: 7.98~9.98 Ten thousand yuan . New Baojun RC-5 The whole system has 7 Product configuration , Price range: 5.98~10.98 Ten thousand yuan . We have selected the guide price as 9.98 Ten thousand yuan 2020 BYD Qin Pro Automatic flagship and guide prices are 10.18 Ten thousand yuan 2020 New Baojun RC-5 Compare the exclusive models in detail , Look, on the premise that the price difference is small , Which model is more cost-effective .

Appearance comparison

2020 BYD Qin Pro The super version is different from the old model in terms of internal and external design , The front face of the new car is equipped with a large polygonal mesh , The interior matches the banner chrome trim , The sharp headlight groups on the left and right sides are connected through the silver trim panel above the middle net , Enhance the integrity of the front face , In addition, the bottom of the car is decorated with black trim strips to further highlight the sports atmosphere of the whole car .

New Baojun RC-5 The design of is radical and avant-garde , The inside of the inverted trapezoid China open matches the dot matrix silver trim panel , The long, narrow and flat lamp group above has a sense of future , It is the soul of the whole front face design , And the internal light source adopts LED Equipped with , The lower air inlet is also equipped with high and low beam integrated headlights and fog lamps .

Body size , Biadiqin Pro The specific length, width and height of are 4765×1837×1500 mm, The wheelbase is 2710mm, Such figure data belong to the middle and upper reaches of the same level . The new model is equipped with double five spoke rims at the bottom of the car , The whole shape is very young .

New Baojun RC-5 The specific length, width and height of are 4650×1806×1482 mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm, All data are backward , However, this model still sticks to 2.7 Meter wheelbase , It can provide more ample space for rear passengers . The aluminum alloy rim at the bottom of the new car is more dynamic , Dense tire pattern , It belongs to wear-resistant type .

Biadiqin Pro The rear of the car has a strong sense of hierarchy , The tail lamp adopts full LED The light source , The outer ring of the light is a side marker lamp , The top half is the brake light , The lower part is the turn signal lamp , The middle of the lamp group is also connected through a silver trim panel , Extended the lateral visual effect of the rear of the car . The rear surround design of the car is relatively flat , And the exhaust is of concealed design , It does not focus on creating a complete vehicle sports atmosphere .

New Baojun RC-5 Different tail design , The shape of the hatchback and short tail of the car highlights the natural color of young sports , However, there is an obvious contrast between the heavy feeling created from the front to the side and the simple rear . The tail lamp set of the new car adopts through design , The interior of the lamp group is also matched LED The light source , But the middle part does not support lighting .

Interior comparison

Biadiqin Pro The interior design of has obvious family style , The center console in the whole car has a strong sense of hierarchy ,8 Inch full LCD instrument panel is rare in models of the same level , But the suspended design is beautiful , But because there is no panel shading around, the reflection phenomenon is very serious . The car is also equipped with 10.1 Inch touch display screen , Comprehensive function matching , Tiktok is not a problem. .

New Baojun RC-5 The interior design can give you a different feeling , The shape of the embracing instrument panel has a strong three-dimensional feeling , Successfully created an effect similar to the cockpit of an aircraft for passengers , Besides , The all black interior color matching also effectively enhances the scientific and technological atmosphere in the car . The display screen size of this model is 10.25 Inch , Compared with BYD Qin in terms of function Pro More original mobile phone interconnection mapping .

Biadiqin Pro The flagship interior seats are wrapped in faux leather , In terms of function, it provides two-way adjustment of the height of the driver's seat , Electric adjustment of main driver's seat . The interior filler of the front seat in the new car is soft , Both sides of the backrest and cushion protrude obviously , It can bring good wrapping and support to the passengers in the car .

New Baojun RC-5 Exclusive interior seats are wrapped in faux leather , Functional performance and BYD Qin Pro Same as flagship . The front seat surface in the car is wider , The internal filler has strong elasticity , Strong sense of immersion when riding , But the wrapping is relatively general .

Biadiqin Pro The softness and comfort of the rear seats are similar to those of the front seats , Both seats are equipped with child seat interfaces , The middle part also has a three-point safety belt , In addition, the rear floor heave of the car is not high , There's enough room for an adult's feet .

New Baojun RC-5 The space performance of the rear seats is slightly inferior , The overall low seat and the short cushion lead to a serious decline in the leg support of passengers , But the rear seats themselves are very soft .

Power comparison

2020 BYD Qin Pro The flagship power is equipped with 1.5T Turbocharged engine , Its maximum output power is 160 horsepower , Peak torque is 245 Cattle meters . Transmission system , What matches it is 6 Fast wet double clutch gearbox .

New Baojun RC-5 The exclusive power is also equipped with 1.5T The engine , However, its maximum output power is only 147 horsepower , Peak torque is 250 Cattle meters , The performance is slightly inferior . Transmission system , Matched with this engine is the simulation 8 speed CVT Stepless gearbox .

Car uncle summary

Through the above comparison , We can clearly see that the advantages of the two models are different , Including biadiqin Pro Superior external dimensions , Power performance and rear space in the car , And xinbaojun RC-5 It has more novel design and functional configuration , From a practical point of view , Biadiqin Pro Undoubtedly more dominant , But for young car consumers, xinbaojun RC-5 More attractive , This can also be seen from the sales data , stay 2021 In the first half of the year, the sales data of the two models were 2138 Taiwan and 7440 platform , It seems , Consumers still prefer xinbaojun RC-5.

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