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Comparison of high-quality domestic medium-sized vehicles: gillibury vs trumpchi ga6

2021-08-25 02:35:03 Auto review AC

With the development of the times , The progress of car making technology , The models manufactured by domestic independent brands have greatly improved their product competitiveness compared with the past , And all kinds of models will “ Rich configuration ” This fine tradition has been maintained . Besides , Because Chinese people are very interested in “ Big ” The pursuit of , Big man SUV And medium-sized cars are also popular , Today we will focus on the field of domestic medium-sized vehicles , Look at Geely Borui and trumpchi GA6 These two high-quality domestic B How cost-effective is the first-class car .

2021 Geely Borui has launched a total of two configurations , Price range: 13.18~13.68 Ten thousand yuan .2019 Trumpchi GA6 It has 6 Product configuration , Price range: 10.88~16.88 Ten thousand yuan . Today we selected the guide price, which is also 13.68 Ten thousand yuan 2021 Geely Borui pilot version + With trumpchi GA6 Compare the automatic premium version , See who is better in this competition .

Appearance comparison

The appearance of the new Geely Borui has been slightly changed , Among them, the shield shaped forward grille of the new car adopts Geely's new design 4.0 Straight waterfall network design , The internal structure is decorated with blackened elements , The eyes of the universe on both sides LED The shape of the headlight set is quite sharp , Match with the shape of the radiating ports on both sides of the front bumper , Make the whole front face look very fashionable .

The kei GA6 In terms of appearance, GAC motor brand light and shadow sculpture is adopted 3.0 Design concept , The whole car has a strong sense of line . This model is not like the traditional B The pursuit of stability like a class car , But it gives people a more fashionable and elegant feeling . The front face of the new car is equipped with exaggerated large-size forward air grille , The interior is filled with wide and thick transverse trim strips , The headlamp groups on both sides are integrated with the middle net to enhance the overall sense of the front face , In addition, the new car is also equipped with exaggerated cooling port shape .

Body size ,2021 The specific length, width and height of Geely Borui are 4986×1861×1513 mm, The wheelbase is 2870mm, Compared with trumpchi in various body data GA6 Both have advantages . This model adopts a sliding back shape , The smooth line of the roof meets the waist line at the rear , The rising waist line under the door panel also makes the whole vehicle show a strong diving feeling .

The kei GA6 The specific length, width and height of are 4891×1850×1505 mm, The wheelbase is 2815mm. The side lines of the new car body are relatively slender , Visual effects stretch , The new car is equipped with whirlwind silver wheels at the bottom of the car , Match with chrome trim around the upper window , It shows a strong exquisite charm .

After the beautiful roof line slides to the tail of Geely berry, there is a slightly upturned protrusion , Match the chrome plated trim strip that runs through the rear and connects the tail lights on both sides, as well as the through chrome plated trim at the rear surround , Let the whole rear of the car show a strong sense of hierarchy . Besides , The new car is also equipped with a bilateral exhaust design , The polygonal tail mouth shape is more dynamic .

The kei GA6 The tail design is also wonderful , The car adopts the popular through tail lamp , The upper half of the lamp pack is also equipped with silver trim . The tail lights of the new car are integrated 184 star LED The lamp , From a distance, the streamline design makes the whole tail show an elegant posture , There is a trace of luxury car charm .

Interior comparison

2021 The interior design of Geely Borui has not changed significantly , The new car is wrapped with a large area of soft materials above the center console and inside the door panel , And the operation area is decorated with piano paint baking panel and chrome trim strip , Let the whole interior show a strong texture . Besides , The centre console of the new models is equipped with 12.3 Inch touch LCD screen , In terms of functions, Bluetooth car phone is provided , Voice recognition control , Car networking ,OTA Upgrade, etc. .

The kei GA6 The first impression of interior design is a strong sense of science and Technology , The one-piece screen matched with the operation area is very in line with the current mainstream , But the actual size of the touch LCD screen is only 8 Inch , In terms of functions, Geely Borui also lacks satellite navigation , Voice recognition control , Internet of vehicles, etc .

2021 Geely Borui pilot version + The seats in the car are wrapped with imitation leather materials , In terms of function, it provides two-way adjustment of the height of the driver's and passenger's seats , Electric adjustment of driver's seat and passenger's seat . The interior filler of the front seat in the new car is soft , The wings on both sides of the backrest protrude obviously , The overall comfort allows people to find no fault .

The kei GA6 The automatic exclusive car seat is also wrapped with imitation leather fabric , In terms of functions, Geely Borui lacks electric two-way adjustment of the front passenger seat , But there are adjustable buttons in the rear row with front passenger seat . The front seat surface of this model is wider , The internal filler is moderately soft and hard , Very comfortable to ride , But the support and wrapping are slightly poor .

Geely Borui rear seats are softer than the front padding , The backrest tilt angle is reasonable , Headrest comfort , It can make the rear passengers more relaxed . In addition, the bulge of the middle platform at the rear of the car is not high , Even taking an adult male is not particularly embarrassing .

The kei GA6 Although the performance of body length and wheelbase is not good enough , But in terms of rear space, the car still shows B The level of a class car should be . The rear floor of the new car is slightly raised , But the impact on passengers is negligible , In addition, the car keeps enough distance from the front armrest , It shows its own wheelbase advantage .

dynamic system

Geely Borui is matched in terms of power 1.8T The engine , Its maximum output power is 184 horsepower , Peak torque is 300 Cattle meters . Transmission system , What matches it is 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox .

The kei GA6 The power of the automatic premium version is equipped with 1.5T Turbocharged engine , Its maximum output power is 169 horsepower , Peak torque is 265 Cattle meters . Transmission system , Matched with the engine is 6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

Car uncle summary

in general , Geely Borui and trumpchi GA6 As a high-quality domestic product B Class cars have their own advantages , However, through the above comparison, we can clearly see , At the same price, whether it is the external size of the body , In car seating space , Functional configuration performance , Power performance and other aspects have absolute advantages . So if you pay the same price , We recommend the Borui made by Geely !

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