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Official modified version / selling 248800 yuan tank Ranger listed

2021-08-25 02:43:28 Oriental Information automobile

[ Car home new ] 8 month 21 Japan , The tank Ranger model was officially offline and listed in Chongqing Great Wall Factory , The official guide price for a new car is 24.88 Ten thousand yuan . As a vehicle launched by Yunliang cross-country and tank brand “ Official modified version ” models , New cars can be legally on the road , It provides a new choice for off-road enthusiasts , It eliminates the cost of later modification .

Let's take a look at the performance of the new car at the design level , First , The new car offers 4 A body color , In terms of naming, it still continues the unique naming idea of Great Wall Motors , Respectively called : Grey too wave 、 I want to be orange 、 Black pineapple , Besides , There is also one with the most visual effect “ Ranger green ” Color matching .

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