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In the past three years, egger has created BYD into Audi

2021-08-25 03:08:40 Oriental Information automobile

Pinch fingers , Egger joined BYD for three years , Just three years overturned a BYD , This shows the importance of product design . We used to talk about product design , It is agreed that independent brands still have a lot to go on the road of catching up with foreign capital , Take a simple and rough way to attract top overseas designers , It can be regarded as a way to shorten the gap .

Drive the rapid development of R & D system through powerful design blood injection , Wang Chuanfu played this card .

A new generation of Tang ()、 The song dynasty ()、 The qin dynasty ( series , It absorbs the essence of egger's previous design , It has been comprehensively improved in the sense of product delicacy and Technology , In addition to BYD's previous Chinese style , After joining egger, there will be through tail lights and “ Lamp factory style ” To a new level , It can be said that egger achieved BYD at this stage, which is not too much .

A good product does not have a good design , After all, it can't be regarded as success , BYD was make complaints about it C column , The problem is that the designed short board has become the key to choke products .

The successful BYD Tang inside and outside .

This generation of BYD exudes success from the inside out , In addition to the large central control screen equipped with BYD's sword walking deflector, different people have different opinions , Whether it is the strong performance and expressiveness brought by the core technology , It is also the mainstream design language after Edgar started , sharp 、 Technology 、 Exercise in one , I have to say that if it is the first generation product design , BYD Tang's voice is definitely much weaker .

On the road of product design , Egger is also trying to build BYD into a technology image , This will be very appropriate to BYD's scientific and technological route . Whether it's “ The charm of the lamp factory ” Or through the tail lights , BYD's design style of this generation is more and more like Audi .

After all , Audi conquers consumers by lamp factory and Design , Without Toson , Design is becoming more and more important for Audi . But what is completely different from BYD is , Audi's brand inheritance and technology accumulation should be stronger , BYD's hybrid road is another way , Naturally, it deserves egger's uncanny workmanship .

At present, BYD has announced a new Han , Whether it's design 、 location 、 Detail shaping , Everything is so young and fashionable , At the moment of performance enhancement , Egger's attached Audi , Become BYD's next design outline , Play performance and quality , BYD and egger are serious .

Of course , Give egger another three years , A new BYD will also subvert your cognition .

source : China Star circle

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