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Hard goods! Inventory of 4 hot models to be unveiled at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-25 03:08:44 Oriental Information automobile

At home 4 Big A Chengdu auto show, one of the first-class auto shows, will be held in 8 month 29 Opening day , Many new cars will be unveiled or released . We talked about several heavy models the other day , It is mainly independent brands , Let's talk about the joint venture model this time . Now let's take a look at which new cars will be listed or unveiled at Chengdu auto show .

aesthetic , new Domestic Benz C Class a continues the overall shape of overseas models , The front and rear light sets are designed by Mercedes Benz's latest family . Except for the standard axle version , The long axle model that will be the main force of domestic sales in the future , The wheelbase is also lengthened , Its length, width and height are respectively 4882/1820/1461 mm , The wheelbase is 2954 mm , The wheelbase has even exceeded the standard version of Mercedes Benz E level .

Besides , New domestic Mercedes Benz C Level will also provide two styles of front face , Respectively “ Large scale version ” and “ Standard Edition ”. The former adopts trapezoidal air inlet grille , Internal by 240 Fill with a star sign , More emphasis on the construction of a sense of movement ; The latter adopts shield air inlet grille , The interior is filled with banner trim , The aura is more sufficient , Business attributes are more intense .

In the interior part , new generation C Class is out of luck A level 、E Suspended duplex screen for class A and other models , Switch to the new Mercedes Benz S Level similar central control design , For example, a circular air conditioning outlet 、 Flat bottom steering wheel, etc . in addition , Second generation MBUX The interactive system will not be absent , Luxury experience has always been the strength of Mercedes Benz , This is in C The level is also fully demonstrated , It's just a comparison of “ Duplex screen ” It seems a little less amazing .

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