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"Qi injury" Li Xiang, "negative" Li Yundi, Lin Zhixuan's pattern lost to Bridget?

2021-08-25 03:10:57 Oriental Information automobile

《 My brother 》 Since the launch , The singer Lin Zhixuan seems to have grown up on the controversial point .

In pursuit of high standards of art , Last issue , He stressed that his voice was the best at some point , Ask to start recording at a specific point in time , It was too stubborn and make complaints about the netizens' Tucao .

Sure enough, the second phase came , Lin Zhixuan has contributed heat to the program group by himself , Originally, Lin Zhixuan group had the strongest configuration of the whole program .

Lin Zhixuan is a strong singer , Li Yundi is a world-class pianist , Li Xiang and Liu Jia are top dancers . But in terms of the distribution of performance forms , They have great differences .

Lin Zhixuan's goal was clear from the beginning , Is to find the top in different fields , We work together to produce a perfect work of art .

He thinks he's forming this team , Is to be directly separated from other groups , Not everyone needs to sing .

That is to say , Piano player , Two dancers , A singer performs his duties . The reason is that : There are specialized skills , I'm afraid everyone's singing will become a hodgepodge .

And when he finishes this , Everyone was silent .

Chen Qiyuan, the stage director, was stunned for a moment and asked : Brother Hyun, you mean , The two brothers are simply dancing again .

Lin Zhixuan thought he had found a bosom friend , Be happy to say : Yes , This is what I want .

But obviously others don't think so , They came to this program , Just want to have more attempts and breakthroughs .

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