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Full of star temperament, this old coat has a high sense!

2021-08-25 03:11:02 Oriental Information automobile

In life, you will find a kind of people , More and more temperament . When we first met, I didn't think it was amazing , It's like grass on the side of the road , But suddenly it was like Magnolia , Blooming with incomparable charm , Looks elegant and temperament . Not necessarily the younger you live , But when will you come out , People don't feel old . Wanxi is one of the representatives . But since it belongs to a star who looks more and more delicious , And her style of dress is in daily life , Imitation is very high . This time, thousands of baseball caps and simple coats , The of private service is in line with the trend and elegant charm , Trend advanced .

Many people reach a certain age , They all like a style very much , It's minimalist . Minimalist styles are mostly simple pieces , But it doesn't mean simple , It doesn't mean falling behind . Sometimes, it can highlight the temperament of the body more than the fashionable popular models . Plus proper maintenance , People completely ignore age , Instead, it will focus on her unique temperament and young state . Wanxi chose the basic item in this shape , Even the color is not a particularly fancy color . Simple and generous piece , Emphasize the overall modeling proportion through accessories . It can also reflect their understanding of fashion , It can also highlight your temperament .

There is still another round of cooling in the North , So don't hurry to put away the thick coat . The extra long coat is more impressive than the ordinary short coat . For small girls , Or the skeleton is small , A thin girl , Wear this thick coat , Don't fasten the buttons , Open up like vancy , Instead, there will be a kind of randomness in it . It also avoids the overall shape looking too heavy .

This kind of clothing is the most common in spring , Because you can increase with the temperature , And take off your coat at any time , Very convenient . So don't be careless , Most people will choose a sweater or a high collar sweater . about 30 For people over years old, choosing a sweater with a coat is easy to make people feel tender . You can choose a light shirt like Wanxi , Take off your coat indoors and take out the overall shape alone , The simplicity and fashion that can still maintain the overall style . The generous white looks very refreshing , It is very suitable for the season when the temperature is getting higher and higher .

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