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An important milestone was achieved, and 60000 Nezha vehicles were offline

2021-08-25 03:16:51 Car home

  [ Car home   information ]  recently , We learned from Nezha officials , With a car Which zha U( Parameters | inquiry ) Pro The car drove off the production line , Nezha brand has reached an important milestone in the production of 60000 vehicles .

 Car home

 Car home

   According to official data , In Nezha car 7 Monthly sales , Proportion of delivery to individual users 90%, Its 7 Monthly delivery 6011 platform , Year-on-year growth 392%, It is also its first single month delivery breakthrough 6000 platform .2021 year 1-7 The monthly delivery volume has reached 27115 platform , Six months of continuous record delivery .

   At present, Nezha automobile has three models on sale , Nezha N01、 Which zha V And Nezha U Pro, Cover small SUV And compact SUV market . In the first half of this year, Nezha automobile and 360 Hand in hand , make “10 All level ” Cost effective intelligent vehicle , This undoubtedly injected a forceful injection into the brand image of Nezha automobile , Enhance attention and enhance consumer confidence , So as to drive sales growth .( writing / Car home Zhouyi )

 Achieve important milestones   Which zha 6 Ten thousand complete vehicles are offline   Car home
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