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12 points deducted for C1 driver's license of electric vehicle! There are three major acts, 24 points shall be deducted and 5000 points shall be fined

2021-08-25 03:26:19 Oriental Information automobile

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In many people's minds , Electric cars and driver's licenses are irrelevant , Even if you have a driver's license when riding an electric car , Punishment will not “ Implicate in ” To deduct driver's license points , It used to be , But with more and more regulations on electric vehicles , If you still think so , It is you who will suffer in the end .

In recent days, , A citizen riding an electric car in Beihai, Guangxi , Just because the driver's license does not match 、 Not wearing a safety helmet , Not only are the vehicles suspended ,C1 The driver's license is also directly deducted 12 branch ! So , And participate 2 Under the antenna and 5 Educational examination on the antenna .

since 2019 Electric cars in “ The new national standard ” After the formal implementation , Divide two wheeled electric vehicles into electric bicycles 、 Electric scooter 、 Electric motorcycle , And electric mopeds 、 Electric motorcycles belong to the category of motor vehicles .

Electric bicycle :

Per hour <25km/h, Vehicle weight <55kg, Must have pedal riding function , That means there must be a foot pedal , It belongs to the category of non motor vehicle management .

Electric scooter :

20km/h < Per hour <50km h, Vehicle weight > 40kg, Belonging to motor vehicles

Electric motorcycle :

Per hour >50km/h, Belonging to motor vehicles

Many parts of the country have made it clear that motor vehicle drivers must take a driver's license 、 Get on the plane and move the license plate 、 Wear a helmet on the road , Law enforcement departments also began to strictly investigate violations on the road . What then? “ Riding an electric car without a helmet ” Buckle is C1 Driver's license points ?

The traffic police said :“ Motorcycles and cars , All use motor vehicle driver's license , It's just different quasi driving models , No matter how many models you are allowed to drive , The driver's license is only 12 branch .”

Electric motorcycle : Belonging to motor vehicles , Big yellow card , Black words on a yellow background , Examination D、E Prove

Electric scooter : Belonging to motor vehicles , Big blue , White on blue , Examination D、E、F Prove

Electric bicycle : It belongs to non motor vehicles , No driver's license required

There is a clear division of the permitted driving models on the driver's license , For holding a motor vehicle driver's license , But there was no D、E、F You can drive a motorcycle without permission , The traffic police will punish according to the non conformity of the permitted driving model , buckle 12 branch , Revocation of driver's license .

Besides , The three major behaviors of electric vehicles, the majority of electric vehicle users must not have ,.

Behavior 1: Driving without a license 、 Deck vehicles

Unlicensed and licensed electric bicycles will be fined , Unlicensed and deck electric light motorcycle 、 Electric motorcycle in addition to fines 50-200 element , You'll also be deducted driver's license points 12 branch , Even detain the car and don't return it ; Driving a licensed car is more serious , Punishment standard 2000-5000 yuan , Driver's license score 12 All points deducted , Even get your driver's license revoked .

Behavior 2: Driving an electric car without a license

Driving an unlicensed vehicle , There is no electric vehicle driver's license , hold C1 The driver's license is on the road . Traffic police punishment standard : Because the driving model is different from the quasi driving model , fine 200-2000 element , Detain the car , Deduct driver's license 12 branch .

Behavior 3: Drunk driving 、 Drunk driving

Non motorized electric bicycles are only fined , Drunk driving, including motor vehicles, is divided into 2 A standard , It belongs to the standard of drunk driving motor vehicles , Once we find out , punish 1000-2000 element , And deduct the driver's license 12 branch , Suspension of driver's license 6 Months ; It belongs to the drunk driving motor vehicle standard , Once we find out ,5 No new driver's license shall be obtained during the year .

Except driving without a license 、 Licensed electric vehicles 、 Driving an electric car without a license 、 Drunk driving 、 Besides drunk driving an electric car , Once driving an electric car causes heavy casualties , Involving criminal responsibility , Except for revocation C1 Outside the driver's license , There will also be compensation 、 Detention and other penalties .

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