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Haiquan is very obedient in front of big brother. The arrangement is clear. Who is holding the program is clear at a glance

2021-08-25 03:32:26 Oriental Information automobile

I believe many viewers will take 《 My brother 》 Follow 《 Ride the wind and waves, sister 》 comparing , Although the forms of the two competitions are similar , But the biggest highlight of the two programs is , Collisions and sparks between guests . After all, men and women are completely different in interpersonal communication and communication , For example, my sister's first meeting in two seasons , That can be said to be your circle Shura field . Although the sisters don't know each other, they are quite enthusiastic when they meet for the first time , Especially in the face of peace 、 An elder like Na Ying , The sisters are even more chatting together , It's enough to show that my sisters know how to communicate .

In contrast, the first meeting of the elder brother group seems a little deserted , No sister's enthusiasm at all , But from the cold , We can still smell the difference of status and rank . For example, Gu hunzi led by Chen Xiaochun appeared , It can be said that it ignited the brothers' enthusiasm in an instant , Everyone stood up and shook hands , So, in addition to the buddy stage , Getting along with brothers , The sparks between brothers still have a lot to watch . These highlights constitute the main line of the program , It is also a portrayal of each guest , So from this moment , It is not difficult for us to see the real intention of the program group .

For example, who has more scenes and who has less scenes , Who is the target of the program group , These can be seen in some dramatic plots . Well, let's first look at this contradictory fragment of Lin Zhixuan and Li Xiang , In fact, after the clip was broadcast, it went on hot search immediately , Of course, this is what everyone expected , After all, there are many such situations in the two seasons . So the contradiction between Lin Zhixuan and Li Xiang is actually very simple , Lin Zhixuan wants to take advantage of the two dancers , Li Xiang advocates dancing , And Li Xiang's participation in the program is to show more possibilities , To put it bluntly, he wants to sing .

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