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More than 100000, buy a joint venture medium-sized SUV, save fuel and have a large space! That's a good deal. They sell cars at a loss every minute?

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hand 20 Buy one with a budget of about 10000 SUV, Most friends think of... At the first time CRV、 View of path L、RAV4 An old model of , I admit they are good enough as a family car , but 20 They can only buy their low and medium-sized models at a price of about 10000 , The car experience will be slightly discounted . Let's broaden our horizons , Same budget , In fact, there are many more cost-effective options , For example, the following ,20 Million can have a big joint venture 4WD , What more bicycles? ?

   Saic gm Chevrolet - Agent world person
Recommended models :2021 paragraph 550T RS 4WD intelligent extension Edition
Factory guided price :22.99 Ten thousand yuan
Preferential price :18.59 Ten thousand yuan
Click to view the lowest local price of the Explorer
Many friends who buy explorers will give priority to 1.5T edition , After all, the price is affordable , meanwhile 1.5T Our power home is also completely enough . But in my opinion , If the budget is relatively abundant , Actually 2.0T The 4WD version will be more cost-effective , And then there is 2.0T High power engine , Another 4WD ( Although it's a timely 4WD ), The price of the naked car is only after the discount 18 More than ten thousand , The landing price is 20 All s , I really don't have to say .

Now most cities SUV, 4WD is generally driven by timely 4WD , Explorers are no exception . Many keyboard drivers can make complaints about it , But I don't think so , Because compared to full-time 4WD , The structure of timely 4WD is simpler , Usually , It only needs a computer to control 4WD or 2WD switching , Up to a point , It's more fuel-efficient than full-time 4WD . As long as you're not a hardcore cross-country enthusiast , Or the proportion of daily bad roads is very high , Timely 4WD is more suitable for daily use .
It is worth mentioning that , The explorer's high configuration adopts 2.0T+9AT Dynamic combination of , Maximum engine power 260 horsepower , Maximum torque 353 Cattle meters , The complete power assembly, whether in terms of hardware specifications or parameters , They are all at the level of the first echelon of the same level . Of course , Compared with the starting power , I think many people will be more concerned about its fuel consumption , After all, it's an American car . According to the feedback of many car owners , The average fuel consumption of the explorers is 9.9L, I think this result is completely acceptable , After all, the engine parameters and 4WD are there .

   Changan Ford - Sharp edge
Specific model :2020 paragraph EcoBoost 245 4WD luxury
Factory guided price :18.98 Ten thousand yuan
Preferential price : There is no discount
Similar to the location of the Explorer , And Ford Ruiji . I know many consumers scoff at the interior of explorers , It looks too old-fashioned and cheap , Behind the times , Ruiji really has to do a lot better in this regard , After all, it is the product of the new era . Although the interior decoration of Ruiji doesn't please the eyes of Chinese people , It still looks a little dull , But its interior materials are very kind , Soft materials are wrapped where hands often touch , It has a certain interior texture .

2.0T+8AT Coupled with timely 4WD , The hardware specification is naturally full , The most powerful 248 horsepower , Maximum torque 393 Cattle meters , The torque parameters of the engine are very aggressive , The torque parameters can be comparable to those of some luxury brands 3.0T The engine is on . actually , The power performance of Ruiji really doesn't have to be said , With its good handling foundation , It's really a little fun to drive .

however , The machine 8AT The gearbox is relatively less flattering . Especially when driving in low-speed urban areas , The pulling feeling will be more obvious , It's not very comfortable to drive . Actually , This is not just an acute problem , The same is true on Fox , I hope Ford can optimize it later , The driving experience will be better .

   Shanghai Volkswagen - Road yue
Specific model :2021 paragraph 330TSI Four wheel drive Deluxe
Factory guided price :20.88 Ten thousand yuan
Preferential price :16.88 Ten thousand yuan
The first two models are driven by timely 4WD , Tuyue uses “ Bang for the buck ” Full time 4WD , This is a very rare thing , You know, this is just a 20 About 10000 compact cities SUV, It can be equipped with full-time 4WD , You know, I think it's incredible , Look back at the price , After the discount 17 Less than 10000 naked car prices , Um. ... I smell the smell .
2.0T+7DCT Dynamic combination of , The most powerful 186 horsepower , Maximum torque 320 Cattle meters , Although this one 2.0T The engine is a low-power version in the mass camp , But the actual power performance can fully meet the daily use , This power combination has been experienced on numerous Volkswagen models , Driving performance is already familiar , In addition to the slight jitter of the double clutch gearbox at the starting stage , Other aspects are remarkable .
Locate compact SUV Tuyue , The three dimensions are a big difference compared with the last two models , In terms of space, it is naturally not as good as the two models mentioned above , At the same time, it is a little inferior in the gas field . Take the same budget , It's tuyue with full-time 4WD , Or abandon the full-time 4WD in exchange for a larger and more practical explorer and sharp edge , What would you choose ?
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Or only 9 ten thousand , Nissan shell change “ Little Rambo ”、 Pin crown super handsome version , Yan Shuai's luxury three pieces are reliable ! This is no better than a joint venture ?

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