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Another good car? 1.5T press 200ps, wheelbase 2755mm, luxurious interior, cheaper than Honda

2021-08-25 03:34:04 Oriental Information automobile

With the advent of the Internet age , The market is becoming more and more strict about the cycle of product iteration , If a model wants to become popular quickly , Must have a brand aura or occupy other “ First of all ”, If you want to rely on latecomers , It has become a hot model in the market , Don't take out 12 Good faith , It is absolutely impossible ( Of course Tesla 、 Except Mercedes Benz, a strong brand ). What's amazing is that , This latecomer , Although late, it's hard to hide “ Kindness and kindness ”!16W Just explode 200 horsepower , The wheelbase 2 rice 75, Yacht interior , A look at the logo , Or big brands , This model is the fifth generation just launched Tucson L.

There are two backgrounds worth noting , The first is another benchmark model launched at the same time. Nissan Qijun adopts three cylinder engine . The second is that the modern Tousheng series is the most successful joint venture in history SUV One of the models , The cumulative sales volume is up to 700W car . And after our understanding , New Tousheng L The main features focus on the appearance, interior decoration and power part , There are several aspects that are very surprising .

First of all, in terms of power , Tucson L Just give us a threat , rely on “ Just so 1.5T”, Can explode 147Kw and 200 Horsepower power , The torque is also as high as 253Nm, The overall performance is also 1.5T Own brand and Honda brand , Are very leading data . meanwhile , Just drink 92 No. 1 coarse grain 、 The fuel consumption is as low as 6L, 100 acceleration only needs 8 About seconds , It makes the practicability of Tucson reach the leading position of current mainstream models , This is also the place where Korean models were more moderate before , Now after the counter attack , Instead, it becomes an advantage , Even with the German Department 2.0T Compared to the medium power , There will be no obvious disadvantage .

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