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BMW for those who like the feel, Mercedes Benz for those who love face, and all those who know the car like these three cars!

2021-08-25 03:35:59 Oriental Information automobile

Now people's economic level is getting better and better , Luxury cars have been completely integrated into the Chinese market , Mercedes Benz, which was high in the eyes of Chinese people before , BMW , audi , It is now very common . BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz , When the prices of these three cars went down that year , Many people flocked to , But these friends who bought the car found out in the back , You get what you pay for , The prices of these three cars have come down , But the same configuration has also been lowered , This leads many friends behind to claim that buying these three cars is buying the logo .

In some ways , There's nothing wrong with that , The same price , The configuration and materials of some second-line luxury cars are better than Mercedes Benz and BMW , The difference between the two configurations can be understood as the money to buy the car logo . But even so , There are still many friends who choose these three cars when buying a car , After all, the logo of these three cars is face , This is what those second-line luxury cars can't give . Although most people who like the feel will choose BMW , Those who love face basically choose Mercedes Benz , But those who really understand cars still choose these three models .

The first is Cadillac CT6. This car is positioned in high-end luxury cars , The car has a prominent design , Before the company's high quality CT6 Make a comprehensive change , Make it look more temperament , In addition, the quality of the car is the biggest highlight , Once won the double crown , Configuration is also available , It's maneuverable enough to ride alongside BMW , This Cadillac CT6 Among cars at the same price, it can be said that the cost performance is very high .

The second is Lexus LS. This car is made by Toyota in Japan , The market price is in 80 Wan to 120 Between ten thousand , This car is also very popular in China , It was even so popular that you had to raise the price to buy it . From the outside , This car is very aggressive , The interior decoration is also very elegant , All kinds of materials are top , In addition, its configuration is also quite good , in general , This car is definitely worth starting .

The third is Volkswagen Touareg . What is the price of this car 50 Wan to 90 Between ten thousand , It's different from the well-known popular price , In fact, this car was deliberately launched by Volkswagen , The main purpose is to improve the overall image of Volkswagen in the hearts of the people , At the same time, Huiteng . The interior space of this car is still very large , The interior design completely exceeds that of BMW and Audi at the same price , The configuration of the whole vehicle is also quite high-end , It is also a model loved by old drivers .

Okay , Today's introduction is here , What do you think of these three cars ?

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