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Which is more fuel-efficient, pressing the accelerator deeply or slowly? Old driver: attention! Did something wrong and hurt the car

2021-08-25 03:40:18 Oriental Information automobile

Everyone has different driving habits , Some people often like to step on the accelerator deeply , And some people prefer to step on the accelerator slowly , Of course, it has something to do with the owner's character , Some car owners think , If you can't drive well , Then you might as well take a bus . Some car owners also consider economy , So I care about all kinds of operations , Stepping on the accelerator deeply and slowly has become a problem that we have to pay attention to . So which one is more fuel-efficient when you step on the accelerator deeply or slowly ? old hand : If you don't pay attention to , It not only costs fuel, but also hurts the car .

First , The moment we step on the accelerator , The on-board computer will quickly identify the opening of the accelerator pedal , Then it will output an opening signal to the throttle on the intake manifold according to the command embedded in the chip . therefore , When you step on the accelerator, do you step deeply or gently , This signal goes directly to the throttle , The harder you step, the greater the intake of the corresponding engine , The more fuel , Fuel consumption must be more .

In addition, after the engine suddenly increases torque , The transmission will be under a lot of pressure , in the course of time , There must be something wrong with the gears in the gearbox , In the light, the result is a reduction in the life of the transmission , To put it more seriously , The gearbox is likely to be directly scrapped in a deep step on the accelerator .

Many car owners feel comfortable when they step on the accelerator deeply , You bet , The more fuel and gas you put in , The stronger the power . however , Due to the increase of power , It will directly lead to the instantaneous increase of engine speed , The reciprocating speed of the piston must increase , This may lead to insufficient combustion . as everyone knows , The carbon deposition of the engine is directly related to the insufficient combustion of gasoline , If you press the accelerator so hard for a long time , Then the service life of the engine will be greatly reduced , And you have to clean up the carbon often . Moreover, too frequent carbon deposition will also lead to poor sealing of the cylinder , The poor sealing of the cylinder will cause the car to make more noise , Power reduction .

So when we were driving , Avoid stepping on the accelerator too often , Give the car a break . And slowly step on the accelerator , Not only is it good for the car , In addition, it is more fuel-efficient . But that's not to say don't step on the accelerator at any time , When starting and overtaking, you can step on the accelerator according to the situation . What do you want to say about these two ways of stepping on the accelerator ?

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