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"Change new clothes", the new car is highly praised, and the people can finally raise their heads

2021-08-25 03:40:22 Oriental Information automobile

In recent years, many Chinese people have found that domestic brands have suddenly begun to rise , Domestic brands that have not been heard of before appear one after another , Chinese people are more willing to accept domestic cars when buying cars . In fact, the reputation and sales of domestic brands in China were not good , Many Chinese people have a prejudice against domestic brands , Think that the independent brand car can only open the market by cheap , The real quality is vulnerable , Chinese police cars “ Change new clothes ”, The new car is well received , Ordinary people : Finally I can raise my head .

More than ten years ago, most of the cars in China's market were foreign brands , Whether it's a Class car or premium car , It's a world of joint venture cars or imported cars . Except that private cars are full of foreign brands , Even police cars have adopted foreign brands . The most common police car in China , Mainly Volkswagen and Toyota , prado ) And Santana ( It's a police car everywhere . Police cars use foreign brands because the quality of Chinese car brands is not good enough , Not as good as Toyota and Volkswagen .

Now many domestic brands have their own core technology , When domestic brands begin to develop in a blowout way , China's police have also begun to be upgraded . Now many big cities in China have replaced police cars , Toyota and Volkswagen were eliminated , All the new cars are domestic brands . The police car in Shanghai has been replaced by SAIC Roewe , Police cars in some southern cities have been replaced by BYD's new energy vehicles .

The use of new energy vehicles in the south is mainly due to energy conservation and environmental protection of new energy vehicles , The car cost is relatively low , The temperature in the south is pleasant all the year round , The use of new energy vehicles will not be affected by temperature . Cars in some areas in the north have also been replaced by vehicles owned by Harvard and Geely , The frontier and other areas have been replaced by the same Harvard h9 The harvard h9 This car has a nickname called small Toyota Prado , It is absolutely guaranteed in terms of durability and off-road performance .

Geely's Imperial () And Geely boyue, two Ever Victorious generals, also officially took up their posts as police vehicles , After the new car appeared, it won unanimous praise . In the past, there were only two brands of police cars in China, Volkswagen and Toyota , Chinese people have long been tired of watching it , Now domestic cars also serve as police cars , It not only makes the Chinese people feel very proud , It also shows the real strength of domestic brands .

Small make up short : This car can be regarded as the facade of a country , In the past, China's police cars used joint venture brands because the strength of domestic cars was not strong enough , At that time, many Chinese people had a feeling that they couldn't lift their heads . Now the strength of domestic cars is getting better and better , The police car also began to change blood , The Chinese are finally proud to say that China's cars have begun to use domestic brands . Xiaobian hopes that domestic brands can become stronger and stronger , Go abroad .

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