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BBA is a perfect match. This car is equipped with all LCD instruments and is purely imported

2021-08-25 03:49:25 Oriental Information automobile

For many consumers , Mercedes 、 BMW 、 Audi is a familiar car brand ,BBA It is involved in all fields of the automotive industry , And the market share is very high , It once became the first choice for consumers to buy cars , I don't know , Many second tier luxury car camps are also making continuous efforts , Although the brand premium is not as good as BBA, But the comprehensive strength of the whole vehicle is not inferior . For example, today we are going to talk about this Lincoln Navigator . With a new car 2.0T and 8AT The power system of , It is also equipped with the popular 12.3 Inch full LCD Meter , Mingming is a medium and large SUV, The price is 38.88 All the , With the new Mercedes Benz GLC-L、 BMW X3、 audi Q5-L In the same interval , This makes the misplaced competition , Give Way BBA Also feel pressure

Lincoln , It is the only luxury car brand in the United States that can be on an equal footing with Cadillac , Although few people in China know it , That's because Lincoln hasn't found a suitable partner in the United States , All its models adhere to the way of pure import , Therefore, the market ownership is not high , Few people know , But that doesn't mean the car is bad . Like Lincoln Navigator , New match 2.0T+8AT, And a full LCD Meter , Pure import is not enough 40 ten thousand , Give Way BBA diamond cut diamond

The front face of Lincoln Navigator is outlined by many full and round lines , It adds a bit of delicacy and tenderness ; Rounded rectangular grille with starlight chrome plated medium mesh , Highly recognizable . The headlights on both sides and the through front bumper have been blackened , Both retain the momentum of not being angry and self threatening , Not too much publicity . The sides are smooth and round , A large number of chrome plated decorative strips , It adds a sense of delicacy ; Aircraft turbine blade rim 、 Rear spoiler and bilateral double outlet rectangular exhaust , It strengthens the sports breath of the whole vehicle . Run through LED The tail light has always been the symbol of Lincoln's family

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