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The official map of tank 600 is released. Is the hardline SUV no longer the world of land patrol?

2021-08-25 03:49:31 Oriental Information automobile

Hardline SUVs , In the past 5 Years ago , It is also the world of import market . Real off-road players disdain to buy their own brand off-road vehicles . They either buy Prado , Or buy Rand cooluzer , Those who like pickup trucks will buy Ford F150 raptor . That is, recently 5~6 Years of time , Independent brand off-road vehicles are growing rapidly , The harvard H9, tanks 300, It has become a net red product of its own brand . Since the tank 300 After a great success , The tank brand has also become a separate brand . According to the planning of tank brand , Follow up tanks 600, tanks 900 Will also be released one after another . And tanks 600, It's a tank 300 The second model after . This car is also jokingly called by netizens “ Baoding Lu Xun ”.

tanks 600 The appearance is very domineering , With tanks 300 Use round headlights, the difference is , tanks 600 Square headlights are used . In fact, strictly speaking , From tank 300 To the tank 600, On the front , I can't see the design language of the tank family , I think this is where the tank brand needs to be improved in the future . In the front part , tanks 600 Square headlights are used , With the huge chrome plated air inlet grille , Looks very domineering .

The new car is positioned as medium and large SUV, In terms of design , Bijave H9 More aggressive , Especially the side looks , The design of lines is very smooth , And calm . And as a hardline SUV , tanks 600 The ground clearance is also very high , The trafficability is very good .

On the caboose side , Except hardliners SUV common “ small bag ” Outside , The tail light group also shows the design heritage of the tank brand . At present, the new car has only announced its appearance , Interior decoration has not been announced . In terms of motivation , tanks 600 It will become the first great wall to carry 3.0T+9AT The models , among 3.0T V6 Maximum engine output horsepower 354Ps, Peak torque 500Nm, Matching is able to cope with high-intensity off-road conditions 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

tanks 600 The biggest advantage lies in this 3.0T The engine of , The performance is also powerful enough . And Prado's entry-level model , Only one... Was used 2.7 L naturally aspirated engine , The power is really weak . And carrying 3.5 l V6 Prado of , It's too expensive in price . Not much value for money . Although tanks 600 The price has not been announced yet , But according to my estimate , The price should be 40 All around , Cheaper than imported Prado . In addition, the tank brand has relied on tanks 300 Accumulated reputation and brand influence , Believe in tanks 600 There will also be good sales .

Tank brand since its establishment , It's a brand that takes the edge of the sword , It said that the sword went sideways , Because the tank is a hardline off-road vehicle brand , Hardline off-road vehicles themselves are relatively small , And now new energy is the development trend , So other independent brands , geely , changan , There are no similar hardline off-road vehicle products . Only the Great Wall insists in silence , And for now , There are signs of success . Therefore, the future development and trend of tank brand , It is very noteworthy .

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