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The car is full of sports? Mingjue ZS has no discount recently, starting from 78800 yuan

2021-08-25 03:58:35 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Zhuhai recently announced mg ZS Preferential prices in the region : At present, the Marquis ZS There is no discount for car purchase ,7.88 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Look back at the Baron ZS Basic information of . First, in terms of appearance , mg ZS The shape change of is earth shaking , The previous generation models belong to the style of emphasizing luxury sports among the models of the same level , And nobility ZS The style becomes more dynamic 、 young . The latest family design , Let the whole line stretch more . mg ZS The front face adopts the latest family style , On both sides of the whole LED The Silverstone light arrow headlamp looks very impact . The body adopts double waist line design , While highlighting the breath of sports, it also has a static beauty ready to go . The design style of the tail echoes the front face , The shape of headlights and fog lamps is similar to that of the front face , Overall, the design is relatively coordinated , The design of tail lamps is similar to that of headlights , It also has a certain degree of identification . Into the car , You can obviously feel the famous Baron ZS It tends to the driver's central control design , Decorative strip with diamond pattern on the inner side of door panel 、A A small piece of glass between the pillar and the lifting window 、 The roof 、 The airbag in the rear of the car and even the key shape of the steering wheel , Reflects the famous Baron ZS Highly coordinated design style of the whole car . motivation , mg ZS Carrying 1.5L Plus+ High efficiency engines and CVT Intelligent continuously variable transmission , The most powerful 120 horsepower , Peak torque 150 Cattle meters , The fuel consumption is as low as 6.1L. mg ZS Not only is there a strong driving force , And good fuel economy . In terms of security configuration , mg ZS Carrying LDW Lane departure warning system 、LDP Lane departure correction system 、ACC Full speed intelligent endurance 、360° Panoramic images 、FCW Front anti-collision alarm +AEB Automatic emergency braking system and many other configurations , Let everyone drive more comfortable , More at ease .

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