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Nissan note aura NISMO is equipped with the second generation E-power system

2021-08-25 03:58:38 Oriental Information automobile

The netizen of Chejia number , Hello everyone ! Today's car selection network brings you about nissan Note Aura NISMO The latest news of , Please click to follow the car selection network , Learn the latest car information at the first time . It is reported that , Recently, I got relevant news that , Nissan has officially released Note Aura NISMO models , The car is expected to go on sale in Japan this autumn , The selling price is equivalent to about RMB 17 Ten thousand yuan , It is worth mentioning that this car will be equipped with the second generation of Nissan e-POWER dynamic system , You can also choose the 4WD pure electric version , Here are the details of this car .

First, let's talk about the appearance part , This car is totally domineering , In particular, the personalized air inlet grille on the front face is matched with the narrow and sharp headlamp groups on both sides , Not only is it highly recognizable , At the same time, it also gives people a visual impact , So from the side of the car , Smooth lines , The breath of sports is particularly prominent . The layout of the rear part of the body is relatively compact , The popular through tail lamp group design is adopted .

Let's talk about the interior part , The whole adopts red and black color matching, which is very personalized and improves the overall sense of fashion , In terms of configuration, it has a great sense of science and technology and intelligence , Equipped with three spoke D Type multifunction steering wheel 、 Full LCD instrument panel 、 Suspended central control screen, etc .

Finally, let's talk about the power part , This car is equipped with the second generation e-POWER System , The system consists of a 1.2 Self priming engine and front motor , The system power is 100Kw, Torque for 300N·m.

Choose your point of view : nissan Note Aura NISMO This car has been greatly upgraded and adjusted in the power part , Its performance has been improved , The interior and exterior are very personalized , Friends who like this car can continue to pay attention .

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