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Young people can't afford model y for their first smart SUV. You might as well take a look at this Xiaopeng G3

2021-08-25 03:58:47 Oriental Information automobile

In this 5G An era that has become increasingly popular , Intelligence has become a trait that many young people cannot live without , Whether it's a personal phone , Or the car we often touch in our daily life . Especially in the automotive field , With the arrival of electrified tuyere , Compared with traditional fuel models , New energy vehicles are often born with the attributes of future technology . So we can find that , New energy vehicles now on sale or to be launched , Basically, they are inseparable from intelligence .

Of course , For young people who are still working hard , tesla Model Y、 Wei to EC6 These hundreds of thousands of new energy SUV, I still can't afford it . So today I'd like to introduce a smart phone that young people can afford SUV, It's Xiao Peng G3. As early as 2018 Models that have entered the domestic market since , Xiao peng G3 Many consumers should not be too unfamiliar , In this year 7 month , It brings a new 2021 models , Upgrade the name to G3i, The guided 14.98-18.58 ten thousand . For the convenience of , Xiao Peng for short G3.

In terms of appearance , Xiao peng G3 The appearance performance is actually compared with the old model , Basically nothing much has changed . The front shape and Xiaopeng P7 Broadly similar , It is a simple but round design . The visual effect of split lamp group is very outstanding , Especially the through lamp belt in the middle , Not only makes the front of the car have a wider visual effect , At the same time, the sense of science and technology is also more obvious . It's just that the car price has arrived 15 Wan grade , It is still an ordinary headlamp function , And there is no adaptive high and low beam , Slightly weak competitiveness .

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