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Wei Lai had an accident. The owner of the car died due to a traffic accident. When the accident happened, NOP pilot assisted driving was turned on

2021-08-25 03:58:51 Oriental Information automobile

Last few months , About Tesla “ brake failure ” The problem makes people question the driving safety of new energy vehicles , But I didn't expect that one wave didn't level and another wave started again , This time it killed people , But this time the protagonist is not Tesla , But Weilai automobile in the new forces .

8 month 12 On the afternoon of Sunday 2 when , Founder of shangshanruoshui investment management company , Founder of yitongtianxia catering management company , Mr. Lin Wenqin, founder of meiyihao brand management company , Driving Weilai ES8 The car starts the automatic driving function (NOP Pilot status ) after , A traffic accident occurred in the Hanjiang section of Shenhai Expressway , Unfortunate death , At the age of 31 year .

According to the videos and pictures on the Internet , The accident is coming ES8, The whole car was badly damaged , The front cover is completely lifted ,A The column is completely broken and deformed , The roof almost disappeared , The front wheels come out . thus it can be seen , The impact velocity in the event of an accident is very high , It has completely exceeded the maximum impact energy borne by the vehicle . Besides , With this car ES8 It was an engineering vehicle for operation that crashed , The car also rolled over .

After the incident , Lin Wenqin's good friend and entrepreneurial partner is in Weilai App The above indicates that Weilai needs to provide driving data as soon as possible , But now there's nothing ,8 month 13 I sent an unprofessional engineer on the th , Tossed around for hours to extract vehicle driving records , But only 10 Most of them are 1 Monthly driving records , and 8 month 14 On the day of applying for cloud data, they were told that they need to go through the process of approval , The time required cannot be determined at once .

Until now, , Weilai has not released the detailed driving data at the time of the incident . In that case , So let's take a look at the biggest suspect who caused the accident NOP Pilot assistance . This is Wei Lai last year 9 A function about assisted driving was released in January , This function is mainly in L2 Add high-precision map on the basis of assisted driving , It can automatically merge into the main road 、 Main road cruise lane change 、 Automatic off ramp and other functions . Look at it this way , Is there really an illusion of automatic driving . Because in this process , The driver seems to be redundant , All operations can be completed by the system . Until after the accident , I found that my car can't drive automatically , Some people may regret , But some people don't even have a chance to regret .

At this stage, all households are publicizing how intelligent their products are , This trend is particularly evident in the camp of new forces auto enterprises , Because compared with traditional car companies , They lack a lot of brand appeal and popularity , So how to stand out in the vast sea of cars ? The best way is to make some “ Gimmick ” come out , The pilot assisted driving, which has been popular recently, is one of them . Many car companies introduce functions , Although the title says assisted driving , But in fact, it will take buyers in the direction of automatic driving , Like some friends who know about cars , At least you can tell , But for buyers who know nothing , This will make them form a wrong idea , My car can drive automatically on some specific roads .


Anyway? , At the current technical level , There is still a long way to go before real automatic driving , If you need an auxiliary system , Then you still have to focus most of your attention directly in front of the vehicle , Never distract yourself from other things . It's not just about being responsible for yourself , It is also the obligation of traffic participants .

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