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The owner has the right to speak: on the 15th day of Xingyue L's car collection, after a long trip, talk about the advantages and disadvantages

2021-08-25 04:13:44 Oriental Information automobile

Pick up the car 15 days , Finally, the resignation is due , Drive back from Guangdong to Guangxi , The new car ran at high speed for the first time , For now , Plus this high-speed one-way 700 Kilometer's journey , The more stars L It's all open 1200 Km is less than , Speaking of Xingyue L, This is my first domestic car , I used to drive Honda CRV, Generally speaking, the car is quite good , Fairly powerful , It also saves fuel , But since the opening of Xingyue L After a long highway trip , It really refreshed my understanding of domestic cars .

Compared with the previous CRV, The more stars L What makes me feel the most is good motivation , Good sound insulation , And the configuration is high , Let's talk about the feeling of power , The two cars are very different , The more stars L Power , The speed is 100 about , Switch on the adaptive cruise system , Set the vehicle speed 120 The situation of , The engine was immediately raised to 3500 Turn left and right sides , The speed is coming , Push your back , Not like before CRV, Speed up 100 I want to speed up later , It seems very weak , besides , The more stars L The fuel consumption , It's also very low on high speed , All the way 120 Under the circumstances , The fuel consumption is displayed on the highway for 100 kilometers 6.2L, Previously open CRV At high speed , This is about the same fuel consumption .

configuration , Intelligent assisted driving system is also very easy to use , After opening it, it provided a lot of help to the driver , For example, when there is a car ahead , To the set safe zone , The vehicle will slow down automatically , The deceleration is soft , It doesn't make people feel abrupt , Secondly, the vehicle will change lanes automatically , I can turn on the turn signal , Then change lanes , But I don't think this function is very easy to use , The reaction is not so fast , It's not as convenient as turning on the lights and changing lanes . Finally, there is often a section of Road on the expressway in China , If the autopilot system is on , The car will follow the speed limit traffic signs in front , Speed limit , If there is a car in the rear, it is easy to cause an accident , When you encounter a road section , It's better to operate the vehicle by yourself .

If you drive downtown , Fuel consumption in one hundred kilometers 9.6L, The fuel consumption is not low , There is no comparison with Xuanyi , But think for yourself , The more stars L The body of 、 Vehicle weight and engine displacement , You know it's actually 100 kilometers 9.6 The fuel consumption is already very low , But Xingyue L To add 95 Number of gasoline , The cost of daily car use will be a little higher .

This time at high speed 700 km , Overall, I'm satisfied with the power , Low fuel consumption , Good sound insulation , Configuration is high , If you have to say what can be optimized , Then I think , The tire noise is a little loud , It would be nice to change to a silent tire .

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