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The national six Audi SUV is 50000 when it drops. It's full of face when it goes back in the new year

2021-08-25 04:13:46 Oriental Information automobile

Why do rich people buy luxury cars , Just experience technology configuration ? Not really ! Its main purpose is to show their identity 、 Highlight your success . Although it feels a little vulgar , But it does apply at some times , When you go back to the village for the new year, you drive a van and BBA Your treatment is really different ! Today, the author will recommend a very cost-effective SUV models , Driving back for the Chinese new year will make you look very proud ! It is the entry level of Audi SUV models — audi Q2L, The guiding price of listed manufacturers is 21.77 All start , Now a drop is 5 ten thousand , The starting price is less than 17 ten thousand , Is it exciting ? Don't worry. , Let's see its strength first .

A large number of straight lines on the front face outline a strong feeling . The exaggerated air intake grille is not the usual hexagonal design of Audi , The curve with a slight radian at the top and the blackened middle net bring a strong performance range , And make the visual effect of the whole front face more compact . The side is Q2L The biggest highlight , Blackening B、C Column fit concealed D column , The resulting suspended roof allows Q2L It looks very delicate ,D Audi inlaid on the column “ Four circles ” The logo is also very personalized .

audi Q2L The size of the hub is 18 " , It also uses the original black V Type thin spoke design , Very athletic , The tire brand is Michelin , Size is 235/50R18. interiors , The new car is basically consistent with the entry-level model , Leather wrapped three spoke multifunction steering wheel +12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard and HUD Looked up and show , There is an explosion of technology , And the suspended 8.3 Inch multimedia supports CarPlay and Android Auto Intelligent interconnection , It's very practical !

The interior , And cash Audi A3 be similar . Depending on the model , The new car is equipped with a full LCD dashboard 、 Keyless entry 、 Looked up and show 、 Atmosphere lamp 、 Electrically adjustable seat 、 Leather multi-function steering wheel 、 Leather sports seats 、 Driving mode selection 、 Navigation system 、18 Inch rim, etc .

motivation , New car carrying EA211 1.4T Gasoline engine +7 Fast double clutch gearbox + Front wheel drive . Provided in advance 35TFSI The maximum power of the model is 150 horsepower , Peak torque is 250 cattle · rice .

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