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Land Rover launched a "price war", reducing 500000 in one breath, challenging BMW X8 and Audi Q9

2021-08-25 04:13:49 Oriental Information automobile

stay 80、90 People of the age say , If you want to prove your identity, you have to have “ Land rover ”. It was acquired by Tata, India , When entering the Chinese market, Land Rover caused an uproar . As long as there are rich people, there is no one who doesn't buy Land Rover , Land Rover is so popular that the price has increased 30 ten thousand , Than the original BBA The family is still hot . But later, with the rise of various auto enterprises , Coupled with Land Rover's own failure , All kinds of small problems continue , It has been unanimously rejected by the majority of car owners . Land Rover has once again resorted to the strategy of reducing prices , Start directly “ The price war ”, Its hot SUV The range rover also goes straight down in one breath 50 Ten thousand yuan . Let's take a specific look at this car .

aesthetic ,2020 The range rover is a change of the year , The appearance is basically the same as that of the current model , Mainly adjust the configuration , The optional package price of the new car is lower than that of the current model .

In terms of configuration ,2020 The range rover medium and high configuration models are equipped with road traffic sign recognition as standard 、 Doubling the auxiliary 、HUD Looked up and show 、 Fatigue driving reminder 、 Apple CarPlay/ Baidu CarLife Mobile mapping function . High configuration models will be equipped with rear seat ventilation as standard 、 Rear LCD and other previously optional configurations .

Interior decoration and configuration , The new car will adopt a lot of new technologies . Updated version of Touch Pro Duo System , With Jaguar E-Pace Similar smart settings , Land Rover's latest Internet of vehicles technology will appear on the new car .

motivation ,2020 The engines of the range rover standard wheelbase models have been replaced 3.0T In line six cylinder double boost ( Mechanical pressurization + turbo ) The engine and 48V Power system composed of light mixing system , Its comprehensive maximum power has reached 264kW(360Ps), The combined peak torque is 495Nm; New adoption 2.0T Turbocharged engine + Plug in hybrid vehicle with electric motor , Its comprehensive maximum power is 297kW(404Ps), Integrated peak torque output 640Nm.

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