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Every woman should have a "Mulan" in her heart

2021-08-25 04:14:59 Oriental Information automobile

Since the Beatles ( Parameter picture ) After shutdown ,MINI Naturally, it has become the most suitable car for young ladies and sisters . But is that really the case ? Not to mention MINI Is it the most suitable car for young lady to drive , The high price discourages many young ladies and sisters .

meanwhile , With the changes of market environment in recent years , More and more car companies also pay great attention to female consumers , In fact, there have been a number of new models suitable for female consumers . among , Great Wall Euler series black cat 、 White cat 、 Good cat , Is one of the most representative models .

8 month 20 Japan , It's the third anniversary of the Great Wall Euler brand . For three years , The competition in the domestic new energy market is becoming more and more fierce , For Great Wall Euler, who focuses on the female consumer market, it is undoubtedly even more difficult , But on this day, it is still a guest against the Lord , It not only gives many benefits to consumers , And it also brings a brand-new work for young ladies and sisters —— Euler is a good cat GT Mulan Edition , Open to booking a price 13.8 Ten thousand yuan .

Why is it a brand new work ? Because compared with the ordinary version of Euler, a good cat , It has made a lot of upgrades . And it's named “ A magnolia ”, It is because great wall Euler believes that Chinese women in the new era are excellent 、 Independent 、 self-confidence 、 brave , It fits well with Mulan spirit . At the same time, in order to pay tribute to female friends in the new era , Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan version uses the most direct “ Wildness ” Design to express .

Compared with the ordinary good cat , Euler is a good cat GT The appearance design of Mulan version is more recognizable , What's more “ Wildness ”. Including it is closer to “ Cat's Eye ” The design of our headlights , Two color wheel shape with more retro simplicity and embedded cat claw design , And the dark red decoration visible to the naked eye , Or with “GT” Identified tail , Both give people a kind of fashion, retro and very “ SA ” The feeling of . After all , This is an age of looking at faces .

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