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Which quality is better, Chery or Geely? Maintenance staff: just open the door and have a look

2021-08-25 04:31:54 Oriental Information automobile

As the leader of domestic cars , The development of Geely and Chery is very good , Technical means are at the leading level in China . The other two companies are basically 1997 Founded in , It's almost the same in history , In terms of popularity , Both are similar in China , however , After Geely bought Volvo , Its reputation abroad may be higher than Chery . Many friends have to ask , Said along while , Which of Chery and Geely is of good quality ?

The quality is good or bad , I can't see it from the appearance , Only from the internal structure of the two cars . Take their two cars with similar prices, boyue and Ruihu 8 singly .

Chery tiggo or dingle 8 The workmanship of the door panel should be better , The overall line design gives a very smooth feeling , It shows a harmonious beauty , in addition , This car doesn't show any defects at the welding place , It can be said that all kinds of details are handled perfectly . His anti-collision materials are also very good , It looks very textured .

Bo Yue's door panel is inferior in workmanship , Although the overall line is very smooth , But you can always see a lot of black spots on the car materials , It looks a little awkward on the whole . The crash strip is also made in a mini , This quality of crash strip makes it difficult to have confidence in it , The design of other parts of the whole vehicle is acceptable , But the design of this door panel doesn't look too high-end , With this mini bumper , The quality of the whole car is better than that of Chery Ruihu 8 Somewhat worse . No wonder the repairman said directly that the gap between the two cars can be seen directly from the structure of the door .

From the inside of the car , Boyue's steering wheel and backrest are wrapped in leather , It gives people a sense of stability and atmosphere , In addition, the car is equipped with 8.0 and 12.3 Color LCD screen , The system configuration also supports mobile phone interconnection . Low configuration Ruihu 8 Most of the interiors are decorated with a mixture of plastic and leather , Inside the car 10.25 Inch touch LCD , This LCD screen supports mobile phone interconnection , Generally speaking, in terms of interior decoration , Bo Yue is better than Chery Ruihu 8 Better , However, the function is still slightly lower than Chery Ruihu 8.

Chery tiggo or dingle 8 And Bo Yue have their own merits , But on the whole , Chery tiggo or dingle 8 Still have some advantages over Bo Yue . Well, that's all for today's introduction , Do you have any different views on these two cars ?

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