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Medium and large luxury SUV Lingke 09 national tour Chaoyang Station

2021-08-25 04:31:58 Oriental Information automobile

Recently, Xiaobian found out by exploring the store , Lingke's first medium and large luxury SUV Led the g 09 We will meet our customers and friends in the coming months , As we all know, link 09 This year 6 month 19 Japan , In Shanghai, 1862 Fashion Art Center debuted in the world , As the largest model of Lingke , Once it appeared, it attracted the attention of many fans , Lingke automobile has also started in full swing 09 National Exhibition Tour , For the upcoming link 09 Build momentum and make a sound . Chaoyang lingsa Lingke center is now open 09 Pre sale activities .

Xiaobian just caught up with Lingke 09 Exhibition Tour , See link 09 Real car , The whole continues to continue the family design concept , Take the urban opposite aesthetics as the design concept , Body lines , Waist line ratio , The design elements perfectly integrate link gene with urban aesthetics , The whole looks very domineering , Give a big and luxurious texture .

From the details of body technology , Led the g 09 The paint is smooth , The metallic paint glowed a little , The whole vehicle is worthy of a luxury platform SPA Medium and large module architecture , The proportion of the car body is very harmonious , There is no redundancy , The gap of the whole vehicle is tight , Show luxurious texture , Body size 5042*1977*1780mm, Estimated price 20 ten thousand -30 Wan range , This size is the leading car in its class . In terms of interior decoration, the luxury created is absolutely no less than that of luxury cars with more than 500000 .

Led the g 09 The interior is designed with a floating yacht , Cuddle cockpit , With atmosphere lamp design , It will give the driver and passengers an extraordinary feeling of using the car , 12+6 " Lynk-Mate The dual screen central control adopts split screen control of upper and lower screens , Separate the on-board entertainment part and temperature control part , Coordinate common functions , Bring great convenience to customers , The overall workmanship is exquisite , Soft and hard , Bring ergonomics into full play , Embody the people-oriented design concept everywhere .

In addition to the above , Led the g 09 It also adds a lot of black technology to the design , The car making concept of Lingke brand is reflected in the inconspicuous place , Such as led, 09 Seat with Monaco Full grain surface NAPPA texture of material , From the perspective of customers' actual use, they all adopt Ansole Antifouling solution treatment , Keep the seats clean , Improve the sense of grade , Get rid of stains and troubles . Led the g 09 It also has many different styles of fragrance systems . Full mode intelligent regulation , Ensure that the air quality in the car is fresh and smells good .Bose14 High performance speakers , Create a surround sound feel , Bring customers complete immersive music effect , There are emperors everywhere .

Led the g 09 The national tour made LinkedIn fans feel LinkedIn in advance 09 Luxurious and dignified atmosphere , As Lingke's flagship model , Led the g 09 Poured all the wisdom of Lingke people in making cars , Led the g 09 expect 10 month 11 It was officially launched around June , At that time, you must go to the store for a test drive experience . Chaoyang lingsa Lingke center has opened pre-sale activities , According to past experience , During the pre-sale period, customers who order cars often have many unexpected surprises , Interested friends can call Chaoyang lingsa Lingke Center :0421-3997777, Or go directly to the store to consult , The address is section 5, Zhongshan street, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City 155 Number ( North of science and technology building ).

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