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New energy motorcycles are coming! Comply with national standards, easy licensing, consumers buy it?

2021-08-25 04:32:03 Oriental Information automobile

Now with the development of the times , Cars have become a necessary way for us to travel , But now with the advent of the new energy era , People travel more and more environmentally friendly , The state also promotes new energy , In addition to new energy vehicles , New energy scooters have gradually come into everyone's vision . New energy motorcycles are coming ! In line with national standards , Easy licensing , Do consumers buy ?

With the rise of new energy industry , Deeply supported by the State , More and more motorcycle enterprises have begun to develop substitutes that can replace traditional electric vehicles and motorcycles . Such as , The first new energy motorcycle Lifan Happy E, And this car can be easily licensed . This car starts with research and development , In strict accordance with the provisions of the State , Have Guangdong E The consumer , Can normally apply for motor vehicle license plate , You can legally have the right to go .

It is said that this car is still powered by electricity , But it is different from the traditional electric vehicle, which adopts high-efficiency lithium battery , The power output is smooth and powerful . It's very novel in appearance , There are many colors on the car , It can be selected by different consumers, which is very in line with the aesthetics of today's young people .

The mass of the whole car is 78 kg , Cabinet and delicate , And easy to operate , Even girls can easily control . For such a car, it meets the national standard , New energy motorcycles that can be easily licensed , Everyone must be very concerned about its price , The price is close to 7000 element , Although it is more expensive than ordinary motorcycles , But in all aspects , It still has a certain cost performance .

In any way , This is a product designed and manufactured in strict accordance with standards , Be able to license easily and without pressure . Xiaobian thinks that with the continuous development of new energy motorcycle industry , Lifan's car may drive the future electric motorcycle industry , Will become a leader in the new energy industry .

source : China Star circle

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