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Does the car need performance? Volvo S60 recently offered a maximum discount of 60000 yuan, starting from 226900 yuan

2021-08-25 04:32:06 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Shantou recently announced Volvo S60 Preferential prices in the region : At present, Volvo S60 The highest discount for car purchase 6 Ten thousand yuan ,22.69 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review Volvo S60 Basic information of . In the appearance part , Volvo S60 It can be said that it adopts a new design language , The whole is more round and full , The front is also equipped with " quake " headlight , With the iconic seat belt logo , The overall recognition can be said to be self-evident . The body side , The body of the new car is still very elegant , With the temperament of a luxury car . The through waistline stretches the visual length of the body a lot , The black car window is very atmospheric ,D The column still has an upward trend , Presents a dynamic element . Multi frame wheel hub smashing star is very personalized , The sharp design is still very attractive . The rear design echoes the front face , Double side double outlet exhaust pipe with fashionable C The tail light of the type , The overall visual effect is very good . The interior , Volvo S60 The interior also continues the minimalist style of northern Europe , Baking paint 、 grain 、 Chrome plating and other materials to enhance the delicacy of the interior . The upper part of the center console is wrapped in fine leather , The bottom is made of plastic lined soft material , The details and workmanship are excellent . motivation , Fuel version 2.0T Models have T3、T4、T5 Three versions , The maximum horsepower is respectively 163 horse 、190 horse 、250 horse , The peak torque is respectively 265 cattle · rice 、300 cattle · rice 、350 cattle · rice , Transmission system matching 8AT transmission . In terms of motivation ,T4 The data of version is the most worth buying version after comprehensive consideration . The car is quite eye-catching in terms of safety configuration , Equipped with tire pressure alarm 、 Cruise control 、 Take the initiative to brake / Active safety system 、 Lane keeping assist system 、 front / Rear parking radar, etc .

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