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Another luxury car was "saved" by Chinese people! Is Volvo XC60 worth starting with a drop of 70000 in one breath?

2021-08-25 04:35:38 Oriental Information automobile

In today's luxury car market , Volvo, a second tier luxury brand, can be said to have stabilized the market situation , Of course, the reason why we can gain a firm foothold in the market , Volvo XC60 It's definitely a contribution .

Volvo XC60 This car is also a legendary luxury model , At that time, this car was abandoned and discontinued in the market because of poor sales , The development of Volvo can be said to be more difficult , And after two years of shutdown , The family returned the car , And invested a lot of money and energy , It can be said that Volvo XC60 Coming back represents the hope of the family , After a lot of publicity , Volvo XC60 Finally, it has won the attention of Chinese people , Of course Volvo XC60 Now the hot sales are still due to the sincerity of price .

Volvo XC60 As a medium-sized luxury SUV models , In order to win consumer recognition in the market , Fell in one breath 7 ten thousand , For a security configuration 、 For models with very good workmanship and materials , At present, the price of new cars is really sincere , Monthly sales of new vehicles 7/8 Thousands of sales for a second tier luxury brand , It has been very successful , Today, let's see how powerful this car is ?

New Volvo XC60 This car is very grand in design , The whole front face design of the new car is more aggressive , Its front air grille has luxury 、 There are two sports styles , The luxury model is filled with multiple vertical chrome plated spokes , Sports models are filled with dot matrix patterns , Both styles look very imposing , At the same time, the new car's headlights are still the familiar design of Thor hammer , It has a good visual impact after lighting .

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