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The appearance is fashionable and sporty. Euler cat GT has a pre-sale of 138000. Are you satisfied with the price?

2021-08-25 04:59:10 Oriental Information automobile

EULA good cat since last year 9 After the month of release , There has been no movement , I thought it was fading out of people's vision , Just recently, I began to make big moves , From the published price range , To static experience , Then to dynamic experience , This series of actions , It's just 20 It will be finished in next day , Today's fashion and sports Euler is a good cat GT Officially opened the pre-sale , For Euler, a good cat GT Are you satisfied with your pre-sale price ? The pre-sale price of the new car is 13.8 Ten thousand yuan , And the new car is named good cat GT Mulan Edition .

Euler is a good cat GT Exterior design , Very fashionable sports , Compared with the ordinary model , Euler is a good cat GT The bumper on the front of the car has been added 2 A black trim , besides , The black decorative parts of the whole car are made of imitation carbon fiber , And red decoration is added to many details .

Body size , Euler is a good cat GT The body length is 4254mm, wide 1848mm、 high 1596mm, The wheelbase is 2650mm, Good cat GT The rear of the car is compared with the ordinary model , A little change , The larger rear tail is mainly used , At the same time, the diffuser at the tail is added , Make the whole car look more sporty .

The interior design adopts the same interior layout as that of ordinary models , But to highlight the sporty , Good cat GT Added red and black collocation style , At the same time, the new car is equipped with red, black and gray leather seats , And printed on the headrest GT identification , There are also through air outlets and dual screens , The interior of the car is full of sports atmosphere and sense of science and Technology .

configuration , Good cat GT It is not very different from the ordinary model , Before and after the radar 、360 image 、 Tire pressure monitoring 、 Fatigue monitoring 、 Auxiliary driving 、 And seat ventilation, heating and massage , among Some functions need to be paid separately . motivation , Good cat GT It will be equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor , Maximum power is 126 kw , The maximum torque is 250 Cattle meters , And support ejection start , 100 acceleration only needs 6.9 second . The new car will be equipped with a honeycomb, which can provide a capacity of 59.1 Kilowatt ternary lithium battery , The endurance mileage under comprehensive working condition is 480 km , And support fast charging , In case of fast charging ,30% Fill to 80% It only needs 30 Minutes of time , If AC slow charging side is adopted, it is necessary to 8 It takes hours to fill .

For Euler, a good cat GT,13.8 All the price , You can buy a comprehensive range 480 Kilometer car , What do you think of this car ?

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