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New Lexus es: comfort, performance and fuel consumption are never single choice questions

2021-08-25 05:00:09 Oriental Information automobile

2021 year 8 month 16 Japan , It is positioned as a medium-term modified model 21 Lexus ES Officially listed , The starting price of the model is 29.49 Ten thousand yuan , The official price of the top version is 48.89 Ten thousand yuan . The most striking part of this modified model is the new F SPORT models , As a high-performance series of Lexus ,F SPORT Officially join 21 Lexus ES300h series .

High performance usually means high energy consumption , Such a rule is common in any industry . In general , Choosing high performance basically means giving up the economy and comfort of the model , Choosing a model with high economy is about giving up the choice of vehicle performance and comfort . But the new Lexus ES300h F SPOR The advent of models has given adults “ Both ” The opportunity of , High performance 、 Economy and comfort are three seemingly contradictory words , about ES300h F SPORT For the model , It's never a single choice question .

New Lexus ES300h F SPORT The model adopts a hybrid power system , The engine part uses a 178 Piece of 2.5L Self priming engine , Peak torque up to 221 Cattle meters . In addition to traditional fuel engines , This model is also equipped with an output power of 88 KW front motor , The motor torque can reach 202 Cattle meters , The maximum power of the integrated system is up to 160 kw . New Lexus ES300h F SPORT The power combination of this version of the model can achieve 8.9s 100 km acceleration and 180Km/h Maximum driving speed per hour , This is for a unit with a kerb mass of more than 1.7 Tons of medium and large luxury executive cars can be regarded as an outstanding achievement .

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