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"Car space" explores the reasons why Great Wall Motor leads the industry in sales (Part I)

2021-08-25 05:00:13 Oriental Information automobile

Great Wall Motor, as the leader of Chinese automobile brand , In this year 1 to 7 The cumulative sales volume in the month reached 709,766 car , Year-on-year growth 49.9% Proud achievements , Significantly lead the domestic market . Today we came to the Great Wall brand experience center in Shunyi District , Explore the secret of Great Wall Motor's success through the brand experience center integrating automobile entertainment and leisure ! Where I am is the brand model exhibition area on the first floor , In this area , You can see that there are many consumers who come to see the car , Although in the off-season , But the atmosphere of the Great Wall brand experience center is still very hot . The harvard 、WEY、 Euler 、 And other popular models under the Great Wall brand , Then the exhibition area next to me is the exhibition area of Harvard brand . The Harvard brand alone H6 The sales volume of this variety reached... In July this year 25746 car , Cumulative 98 For months SUV Sales champion , Carry with excellent product strength “ National Chariot ” The name of .

Now, the one standing next to me , It's our sales . What is the daily order volume of Harvard brand ? Please give us a brief introduction . First of all, let's go to Harvard's SUV The order quantity of , It can be said that it is increasing day by day , Because the peak consumption season is coming soon 、 Gold nine silver ten ! Our store also has a good promotion , At the same time, the manufacturer aims at Haval big dog 、H6 These models that sell well , There are replacement subsidy policies , And the interest discount policy by stages . It is also the demand of many consumers now , So its order volume is also very good . Euler brand tailored to the majority of female users , Since its launch, it has been widely sought after by female users ,“ The model most loved by my little sister ” Is the embodiment of its value .

Then let's ask “ cat ” Car owners ! Hello, little sister , Let me ask you a question . What characteristics of Euler brand impress you ? Let you finally choose this product ? I think 、 First of all, this car has a lot of color options , And its appearance , Eyes like lamps are especially like “ Little frog ” It's very cute to drive out , And I think 、 First of all, this model is relatively small and easy to park , Because it's not long since I got my driver's license , It's more convenient to drive .

Another situation is that after we bought this car 、 You still need to wait a while before you can pick up the car . Why did you choose to buy this product in the end ? Because of the surrounding , Include 4S The store also has brand cars , I've seen it all . Then I prefer this car , It is acceptable to wait for a period of time . Because it really this color and appearance , I really like it . All right . got it , Thank you very much ! It can be seen that a model sells very well , Then it must have some merits ! Popular products continue , The overall product strength of automobile enterprises is trustworthy to users ! As SUV And pick-up trucks , Great Wall Motors provides users with a wide range of product choices , So the experience center, besides the vehicle display , What else can customers feel under the new retail model . We will continue to answer for you in the next episode .

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