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Finally the trump card! Let's go! Don't see regret! Santana vs Baron HS

2021-08-25 05:11:47 Oriental Information automobile

At present, when buying a car, consumers are most concerned about those prices 10-20 Ten thousand range models , The configuration of Chinese brand models in this price range is not low , In addition, you can also buy some mainstream joint venture brand models . Next, the guidance price is 11.59 The Santana and guidance price of 10000 yuan is 11.98 A grand master of ten thousand yuan HS. So let's take a look at it .

models : Volkswagen Santana 2019 paragraph Ho Na 1.5L Automatic comfort plate countries VI

The guided :11.59 Ten thousand yuan

santana 2019 paragraph Ho Na 1.5L The automatic comfort version of China net adopts a three banner design , It is decorated with many silver strips , Although small in size , But there is no difference in delicacy and personality , With a simple front , It has improved the whole vehicle to a certain level .

Judging from the tires , The specifications of the front and rear tires of the car are 185/60 R15, Multi spoke rim design is adopted .

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