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Haver is a "beast"! Selfie dumped H6 street, 1.5T burst 184ps, and those who didn't buy a car waited

2021-08-25 05:14:25 Oriental Information automobile

Great Wall Motors has really been in the limelight recently , except suv In terms of sales volume, it is superior to the others , Great Wall new car's arbitrary name also makes it popular on the Internet . Like a big Harvard dog 、 tanks 300、 Weipaimocha 、 Euler is a good cat 、 White cat and a series of new cars , The level of naming makes the majority of netizens confused , No, today we're talking about another one just released by Harvard “ Mythical Animals ”, This highly restored concept car HAVAL XY Your new car is really amazing , Not only does the name have aura , Appearance and interior decoration have attracted a large number of consumers ready to sell .

It is reported that , This model is likely to go on sale within this year , Want to buy compact SUV Friends who are not in a hurry , We can wait , Because this model is really cool both in appearance and interior , Equipped with 1.5T Power models believe that Haval can't disappoint our consumers in terms of price positioning , Let's enjoy this new car through pictures .

First of all, its front face design is particularly stylish , It adopts a unique bottle type medium mesh grid , Make the whole front face look particularly broad and elegant . And then through LED It's all about sports car design LED Headlights are the finishing touch of the front face , Only this through type daytime running lamp is comparable to the lamp factory Audi . Then there are orange trim strips up and down , Let the imposing front face remain young, and exercise is really enough to attract eyes .

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