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When the sales volume of Xingyue l was successful, Geely regarded itself as "Ye man" and declared: I want to play ten

2021-08-25 05:14:29 Oriental Information automobile

The more stars L Sales success , Geely thinks of himself as “ Leaf asked ”, claim : I want to hit ten

In China's automobile consumption market , Compact class SUV It has already become a must fight place , Geely Automobile is a big brother in the sales field of domestic independent brands , In the past two years, Geely boyue's sense of existence has actually decreased , After all, this old platform model faces a new 3 De Havre H6 Or Chang'an CS75plus Competitors like , The competitive advantage is not obvious . Therefore, Geely Automobile has newly developed Xingyue L, This model is also nominally compact SUV, However, if you only need to look at the outline dimensions carefully, you will find that the model belongs to an obvious over grade product , The wheelbase is long 2845mm, Even better than some medium-sized SUV Also big .

In fact, the more auspicious the star is L This car quickly became popular after it came into the market , Just after the official listing 10 The order quantity exceeds 6000 platform , At present, the cumulative backlog of orders has reached 3 More than 10000 sets , It's even more popular than tanks 300 Such popular products . In other words, the model was successful after it was launched , Did not experience low sales stage , Therefore, Geely's confidence is also soaring , Recently, Geely Automobile regarded itself as IP man in its official channels , Directly hit a very low-key title, claiming that I want to play 10 individual .

Why do you want to fight 10 individual , In fact, Geely Automobile Marketing team gathered together 10 A joint venture brand SUV product , Although the official propaganda is more implicit , There is no explicit mention of where 10 models , But it can also be seen from the vague names that these products are not good stubble , Including Toyota rav4 Rong Fang , Honda crv, View of path L, Nissan X-Trail , Even Mercedes Benz glc Luxury products like , Take this 10 A benchmark level SUV Model and Geely star are more and more important L One match .

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