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DM-I models to raise prices? Why should I support BYD's price increase this wave?

2021-08-25 05:16:38 Oriental Information automobile

BYD dmi The price of models may start to rise , There are rumors. , BYD DM-i The price of all models will be adjusted . Some people say , BYD just sold well , But I have to say , I support BYD's price increase this time .

Not long ago , We visited BYD's headquarters , BYD executives have revealed , BYD is under a lot of pressure now , because DM-i The price of the model itself is not high , At that time, it was also popular for a shot , But I didn't think , The price has just been released , The prices of steel and aluminum have risen sharply , Byd's DM- Model profits are very meager . And recently caught up with the chip tension ,DM-i If the model is really like the price increase on the Internet , I can actually understand .

Other car companies say they don't make money , I absolutely don't believe , But BYD DM-i Say no money , I actually believe . To Qin PLUS DM-i Cars, for example , Its manufacturer's guide price 10.58-14.58 Ten thousand yuan , Basically, the price is close to that of a joint venture car of the same level , But this car is a plug-in hybrid model , It not only adds a set of hybrid system , One more piece 8.32 Degree and 18.32 Degree power battery , Its cost must be higher than that of the same level of fuel vehicles . In terms of configuration , It has a reversing image as a minimum 、 Cruise control 、8 airbag 、 Automatic parking 、 Keyless entry 、LED Headlight set, etc , Its configuration is much higher than the joint venture car at the same price .

In other words, at the price of a compact fuel car , You can buy a higher configuration 、 Lower fuel consumption 、 Power is stronger , And a new energy vehicle that can run on pure electricity , I think such a price is absolutely conscience , stay DM-i When the model was released, I thought , BYD is really fighting this time .

A lot of people say , Many parts of BYD are produced by itself , Self production can control the cost , Low prices are also normal , The biggest problem with this view is , In fact, global procurement suppliers have mature solutions , In the short term, it is definitely cheaper than their own research and development . Because their own research and development costs a huge amount of research and development costs , It is a fact that R & D costs can be diluted by sales , But it takes a process , Byd's DM-i The model is just launched on the market . and , BYD's parts are not all done by itself , Electric motors, batteries and electronic controls are BYD's own products , But there are still many parts , Including chips need to be purchased , Therefore, the impact of chip price rise on BYD is not small .

therefore , Even BYD's DM-i Model price increase , I think it makes sense , Car companies can't lose money and yell , Good sales and big profits , Invest in R & D , Launch new models , This is a positive cycle , If the profit is meager, it will affect the later R & D , BYD is a technology driven company .

At the same time, we have to think about a problem , It's also a price increase , Why does the price of joint venture cars rise , Few netizens denounce , The price of domestic cars has just been raised , The whole network scolded ? Should domestic cars be cheap ? While scolding domestic cars for being expensive , While crusading against domestic cars, they can't make good products , Isn't that a contradiction ? since DM-i Such an excellent domestic car appeared , Why not support it ? therefore , If BYD's DMI-i The price of the car really goes up , I vote for .

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