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The new favorite of female drivers, EULA good cat GT Mulan version, has been pre sold from 138000

2021-08-25 05:21:13 Car industry gossip

The cost of green cars is low , There are also favorable policies , Consumers have high self-esteem 、 Pure electric scooters that are easy to drive and stop are favored , The demand is also increasing . For car companies , They always keep mining the needs of users , We also insist on bringing more diversified choices to the majority of users .

This point , Euler brand has done well in the industry , its “ cat ” It is a product of Q Cute appearance , Retro look , And an attitude designed for women , It has won the love of the majority of fashionable women .8 month 20 Japan , EULA's famous cat GT The Mulan version is also officially open for pre-sale , Open to booking a price 13.8 All the , Since then , Female friends have a new choice .

This time, , I want to talk to you first “ A magnolia ”.“ A magnolia ” As a representative of China's outstanding women , She conveys independence 、 self-confidence 、 The spiritual core of courage , When you see her in the hearts of consumers, you will think of “ Women don't let men ”. Good cat GT Take her as IP, On the one hand, it fits in with the contemporary female workplace , Even in the family , More and more independent and confident temperament , On the other hand , It also expresses that Euler brand breaks the tradition , Special attention has been paid to female friends .

Next, let's look at the car . Different from the cute black cat and honest white cat before , Good cat GT The Mulan version has some retro flavor , At the same time, it has a certain wildness , More suitable for those who walk with their own BGM A female friend of .

From the front of the car , Round headlights ensure the design language of the cat family , The depressed front and the protruding force lines on the bonnet , It's like the upper body of a sports car , In addition, the application of front surrounding imitation carbon fiber trim panel , And ventilation holes added on both sides , Make the front of the car with a certain wildness , Compared with the lovely and docile black cat before , There are two styles .

The side of the car body is actually the same as that of a good cat , However, the red calipers and the red decoration on the wheel hub brighten the side a lot , Yes, of course , The same color contrast technique is used in the front of the car , Red trim is added to the front lip .

The design of the rear part is relatively simple , But it's not simple . The spoiler is sporty , The sides also show GT The identity of the . The tail light part is under the rear windshield , Compared with the conventional through tail lamp design languages , This needs a lot of personality . Besides , The rear surround also uses imitation carbon fiber trim , Also designed a kit like a cat's paw , Echoing with the front of the car, it also adds a certain wildness to the rear of the car .

The interior , On the layout , Good cat GT It continues the previous good cat design , Simple and atmospheric , Or familiar dual screen , On the size , The dashboard is 7 Inch , The central control screen is 10.25 Inch . however , In color matching , Good cat GT Bring the matching of red and black to enhance the internal movement and passion , It also echoes the red embellishment outside the car , For those very sassy women , They know how to appreciate the fashion beauty of red and black .

configuration , In addition to regular audio 、 video 、 Navigation etc. , Good cat GT The Mulan version is also equipped with L2 level ADAS System 、  Coffee intelligent vehicle control system, etc . At the same time provide “ Equipment gain BUFF” Optional package , Fatigue driving monitoring 、 Kick induction power tailgate 、 Voiceprint recognition interaction 、 Based on identity ID Personalization can be achieved . in addition , Driver's seat memory + Welcome guests + heating + ventilation + Massage and other comfort upgrade configurations are also available .

Although the shape is retro , But Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan version is still equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor , The maximum power is 126kW, The maximum torque is 250N·m. Compared with the previous good cats , The data have improved 21kW and 40N·m. therefore , Euler is a good cat GT Mulan Edition 6.9 You can break a hundred seconds .

Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan version is equipped with 59.1kWh Three yuan lithium battery , Good cat with Euler 500km Same version . But good cat GT Magnolia version performance improvement , In terms of endurance , The comprehensive endurance mileage is 480km.

At the end : Women in the new era have been more diversified , There are petite and lovely , With an alternative personality , There are also powerful , And home Almighty , But what never changes is , They all value beauty , They all care about practicality , Also more interested in new energy vehicles , Euler takes this as the core , Introduced different options . Excuse me, ladies , There are good cats GT Does the Mulan version SA arrive ?

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