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New Tiguan family awakens slow life

2021-08-25 05:21:37 Oriental Information automobile

Once upon a time, Liu Huyi - Follow your heart

Choosing a new lifestyle is not easy , Beardless Tiguan car owners did .8 month 20 Japan , Yoga Teacher Zhang Yuan from Taiyuan 、 Zheng Yunjin, a mechanical repairman in Kunming 、 And a young mother with two children, golden city , Average age 30 Three Tiguan car owners around the age of gathered on the new Tiguan cloud release stage , Sharing their careers and lives . Because of hobbies , So insist on , Zhang Yuan, who was initially interested in yoga because of fitness , Now I am a full-time yoga teacher ; Believe in yourself , Stick to what you want to do , Young Zheng Yun is now engaged in the inheritance of curium porcelain restoration Intangible Cultural Heritage ; A freelancer with strong character, golden city , At present, he is running a mother's post station , We are planning to expand our business . Be true to your heart , Life will slow down . In the eloquent narration , The state of life shown by the three young people , Compared with the current fast pace, it has obviously slowed down a lot , More refined and more temperature . The power to support their change , It comes from following your inner choice : Go your own way , uncompromising .

Three owners , All from the new Tiguan family 8 month 3 Started at pre-sale “ Pet powder project ”. Including three people 24 New and old Tiguan car owners participated in this activity , They will all get the benefit of shooting fashion blockbusters and appearing in top magazines . Besides , And from all over the country 240 New and old Tiguan owners , They will also receive customized rejuvenation services from professional modeling teams , In the future , Their image will be pushed to the circle of friends , And new way view IQ Selfie is online at the same time .24,240, These two numbers are related to Tiguan . They are Tiguan from 2010 Since it was listed in China in, it has accumulated 240 Representatives of 10000 users .

Huanxin's newly listed new Tiguan family , With “IQ Beauty Double online ” As a new product slogan , Committed to bringing consumers a new trendy intelligent life . The new Tiguan family has adopted a new sports look , Exudes high-value sports breath .IQ. Light whole LED Matrix headlights , Cooperate with the design of through lamp strip , The sense of technology is full and eye-catching . The tail edge is three-dimensional LED Tail light with running water steering , When the dynamic effect is lit, it is full of law and motion .

A newly designed new cockpit ,12 Inch suspension center control screen , collocation 10.3 Inch full digital LCD Meter 、 new R-Line Exclusive leather multifunction steering wheel 、 Avant garde 30 color LED Ambient light 、 Harman Caton premium sound system, etc , Bring all drivers and passengers a comfortable experience immersed in the combination of aesthetics and Technology . Look new and , vehicle IQ Value increased significantly . Such as Travel Assist Full journey intelligent driving assistance system , The computing power of the system chip can reach more than... Per second 2.5 Trillions of times , Can be realized 0-160km/h Full speed range driving assistance is available within the speed range , and Lane Assist The lane keeping system can actively correct the direction , Reduce the risk of crossing the line . And help Front Assist Collision warning system 、PLA 3.0 Intelligent parking system 、360 Degree aerial view panoramic visual driving assistance system 、 SAIC Volkswagen smart car coupling system and other intelligent technology experience leapt .

This new , It is the successor of the Tiguan family 2018 Annual change “ core ” Then another major upgrade . With the comprehensive upgrade in appearance modeling and intelligent technology , You Xin Tu Guan L、 New Tiguan L PHEV and 2022 Concept of payment X The new Tiguan family composed of three models , The product power is further improved . For consumers ,“IQ Beauty Double online ” Itself is a greater welfare . meanwhile , Of the three new cars , Except that the price of entry-level models remains basically unchanged , The prices of medium and high configuration models have been reduced , The product is more cost-effective . The listing of the new Tiguan family , Will lead China SUV Market competition has entered a new stage .

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