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The V8 Audi A6L bought for 900000 in 2007 is still worth tens of thousands? Zhenjiang owners tell the current situation

2021-08-25 05:22:54 Oriental Information automobile

audi A6L This kind of C Class cars have always been popular , Especially more than ten years ago , At that time, Audi A6L It has a great influence , Benchmarked by many models , Like Toyota Crown 、 BMW 5 Department and so on , The highest configuration is floor super 90 Ten thousand yuan , Although the price is high, there are still some bosses willing to buy , Equipped with 4.2L Displacement V8 engine , This set of powertrain was also used in Audi A8L On , So the high price is understandable .

High profile cars have rich configurations and stronger power, but they depreciate very quickly , Many cars are mainly sold in the sixth year. If you want to sell them later, you will have a big loss , There are many such cases , The picture shows an Audi of a boss in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province A6L, From the appearance, I know it's an old car , jiangsu L License plate number is visible , There are V8 sign .

The car owner has 50 s , This Audi A6L It's him 2006 year 7 The month took 90 I bought it , at that time 2007 New audi A6L Just launched , It can be seen that he likes this car , It also shows his strength , The owner said :“ I like Audi very much A6L, At that time 30 I don't want to buy Audi in my twenties A8L, So I bought this top equipped Audi A6L, Only after starting can we understand , Of course, it also creates a lot of value for me .”

This is a 2007 Of the audi A6L FSI 4.2L Supreme flagship , The top Audi of that year A6L,V8 Self priming engine , Powerful performance , Rich configuration , It can be said to be Audi A6L The leader of , That's why the owner bought it .

Old Audi A6L The car body is quite round , It's very atmospheric , The length, width and height are respectively 5.012 rice 、1.855 rice 、1.485 rice , The outline looks like Audi A8L, Just better than Audi A8L A little smaller , Some riders like old Audi A6L The round shape of , Very straight , When you drive out, the atmosphere is very strong .

Now the car is nearly 14 Years of car age , ran 16 Thousands of kilometers , On average, every year 1 Thousands of miles , From the appearance, this Audi A6L The car is in good condition , High mechanical literacy , It's just that the car is very old ,V8 The engine consumes a lot of fuel , And the current maintenance costs are expensive , But for car owners, these are nothing , I could spend 90 The owners who bought it for 10000 yuan don't care about this fuel consumption and maintenance .

From the cab, this Audi A6L The interior of the car is not badly worn ,16 Ten thousand kilometers is nothing for this luxury business car with nearly one million yuan , It is precisely because of the good quality that the owner has been reluctant to sell , Looking at future generations , There are fewer and fewer large displacement self-priming engine models , In contrast, this Audi A6L The advantages of .

The owner said :“ This car is not worth it now 10 Ten thousand yuan. , The price drops quickly , So I've been reluctant to sell , It's too bad to sell , So I've been driving until now , Now I want to 10 Ten thousand yuan to sell it , But not many people are willing to take over , Because many people are afraid of expensive maintenance in the back . Afraid to hit your hand .”

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