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The car is silent like a library. It can run 1000km with full oil and is nearly 5m long. It is a hard opponent of Mercedes Benz and BMW

2021-08-25 05:22:56 Oriental Information automobile

lately , Car House announced “2021 Annual release of China's automobile consumption ” Honor list , This list is based on the industry authoritative data released by China Automobile Industry Association , Is a more authoritative 、 List with high gold content . among , stay “ Consumers pay attention to overseas luxury brands ” In this project evaluation , Lexus won the championship . And Lexus can have such a heat in China , Its medium and large Lexus ES It can be said that we have made great contributions . As a matter of fact , lexus ES It's also “ Consumers trust overseas luxury brand models ” The top of the project evaluation .

stay 1989 Lexus, which entered the car market in ES Already owned 32 Years of qualifications , In the process , lexus ES It has been highly praised and favored by many elite consumers all over the world , Let it be around the world 80 Many countries and regions sell well , As of this year 4 month , lexus ES What's more 265 The cumulative sales volume of 10000 vehicles . In this year 8 month 16 Japan , New Lexus ES Officially listed in China , The pricing range is 29.49 Ten thousand yuan -48.89 Ten thousand yuan . So the new Lexus after the change ES How does the product force perform ? take it easy , Now let's take a look .

aesthetic , The car adopts a newly designed front grille , While continuing the sharp spindle grid shape of the family , The Intranet has added “L” Style parts , Form a unique network , To improve the fluidity of the front face . The proportion of the side of the car body is very harmonious , Match it with the waist line that runs close to and through , Make the whole vehicle look slender and full of air , And this is because the car is based on GA-K Platform to build , Have “ Low center of gravity + Wide track width ” Characteristics . Besides , The car also provides 17、18、19 Inch wheel , And each wheel hub has a different shape . such as F SPORT Model specific 19 Inch , Adopt bright face blackened wheel hub design , It can improve the sports properties of the whole vehicle . Tail lights are also integrated into L Type element , The style is flat and sharp , Silver Chrome plating is also embedded above the tail lamp , It works better . There is a penetrating black trim strip at the bumper , It has the effect of stretching the visual width of the rear of the car .

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