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More than 130000, 2.0T with 8at, wheelbase of 2.87M, large SUV! Look around, where's the opponent?

2021-08-25 05:46:54 Oriental Information automobile

13 More than ten thousand ,2.0T with 8AT, The wheelbase 2.87 Rice big man SUV! Look around , Where's the opponent ? Although the cost performance of domestic independent automobile brands is generally high , But there is also a general range to judge , For example, domestic compact grade SUV Tend to be located in 10 In the level of about 10000 , And domestic medium-sized SUV It usually rises to 15 All around , If it is medium and large SUV Of course, the product will be more expensive , After all, medium and large flagship SUV The product itself tends to be niche , If it is a joint venture brand , Probably more than 20 Million mark , Luxury brands have even risen to 40 More than 10000 levels . However, some domestic independent brands do not play according to the routine , For example, the recently updated brand new A steam is surging T99, As a medium and large SUV, The official starting price is only 13.49 Ten thousand .

Let's look at the outline dimensions of the car body first , New Pentium T99 Total length 4.8 rice , Body width 1915mm, The wheelbase to 2870mm, It's really better than many medium-sized SUV A great circle , It makes sense that such a big man SUV The model is fully equipped with three row seats , However, FAW Pentium is to make the rear space comfortable enough , So the whole department provides 5 A layout , Therefore, after opening the rear door, you can see the experience of super large executive level legroom .

It is reasonable to say that such a small and medium-sized car with relatively cheap positioning SUV It is impossible to provide too strong power configuration ,13.49 The starting price of 10000 yuan can be given to the manual transmission, even if it is more reliable , However, this Pentium T99 No difference in the whole system, providing hand-in-hand Integration at transmission , The minimum version is 2.0T Power matching 8at transmission , Look around , This car really has no rivals with the same configuration in the same price range . It's just a low configuration version 8at The gearbox is from domestic Shengrui , High configuration version 6at The gearbox is Japan's Aisin .

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