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59900 green cards, 305km endurance with fast charging, why can't BYD E1 sell?

2021-08-25 05:54:06 Oriental Information automobile

Following lithium iron phosphate “ Blade battery ” And DM-i After the release of super hybrid , BYD is firmly in the position of the first brother of domestic new energy . however , Big brother also has “ The tail of the crane ”, It's what we're talking about today BYD E1, A new energy scooter whose monthly sales are usually double-digit .

BYD E1 It's based on BYD F0 A miniature electric vehicle built from , At present, there are five configurations on sale , The price range is 5.99-7.99 ten thousand , To be honest, the price is a little expensive , After all, Hongguang at the same level MINIEV、 Run E-Star The national version is cheaper than it . BYD E1 What about the performance of product power ? Could this be the reason why it can't be sold ? Let's move on .

be based on F0 Built BYD E1, It is different from F0, It adopts the common closed network of electric vehicles , But it's heavily perforated , Effectively improve the visual effect of the front face . meanwhile , BYD E1 The style of the lamp group also has a sense of design , But the lighting configuration is general , Only top matching and secondary top matching are used LED The light source , The other models are just halogen headlights .

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